Friday, September 25, 2009

The G20 Protests in Pittsburgh

Boy howdy, I love the Anarchists.
I employed several of them while in the Literary Retail industry. One concept that I couldn't get across to them: if they were ever succesful in their quest for a society with absolutely no rules or regulations, they would probably be the first people to be propped up against a wall and shot.
For any society to survive, you've got to be able to protect basic liberties and freedoms, one of which is the liberty and freedom to sell things for more than you paid for them - i.e. Capitalism.

Some of the recent unplesantness at the Pittsburgh G-20 conference was orchestrated by an Anarchist outfit called The Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project.

The Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project is a space where folks can come together and collaborate on ways to resist the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, PA. Our goals are to lay the groundwork, provide an information clearing house, create & distribute publicity and educational materials, build momentum for the mobilization, engage in local, regional and national outreach, and develop an action framework. We seek to help coordinate efforts among like-minded people in order to create a just and sustainable world.

In the words of our President, "Let me be clear". I think these are silly people.

Some of the rhetoric reminds me of the kid who took over NYU's Kimmel Center who was railing about bottled "corporate water" while rummaging through the iPhones and Mac laptops in his backpack.

There are some disturbing things in this video, though. I hope you have time to watch the whole thing, but at least click to the 1:50 mark. Since when do we have soldiers running around the U.S.A. in unmarked civilian vehicles? Who was this person that got snatched? What the hell?

And the kids at the 3:30 mark.... If they aren't voting Libertarian in the next election, they might need to be tear-gassed again. (That's a joke. Please don't send me hate mail for it.)

Here's Dr. Ron Paul on what's going on inside the G20. If you are new to these controversies, a "Fiat Currency" is paper money with no commodity backing it up. It can be printed on demand.

You can go to the UK's Telegraph to read about the calls for a Global Currency. I get a feeling that this currency won't be backed by anything that anyone wants. Interesting times, interesting times.


Anonymous said...

There are a number of people who are claiming that the part where the military are taking the guy away in the car was staged. I'm still not sure either way.

The funniest part to me was their huge banner that read "NO BAILOUTS, NO CAPITALISM." Apparently some of these anarcho-syndicalists (I say this because I saw them waiving the red and black bisected flag) actually think that bailouts are a normal part of Capitalism!

I've also seen a few Gadsden flags in the crowd. I wonder if this group is responsible.

lwdewhirst said...

Not only is the "social justice" curriculum (which has superseded classical scholarship in the academy) easier, it allows more time for these important expressions of political diversity by incoming sophomore classes from around the Country. We're reminded of one of Churchill's greatest quotes (from the era when adults ran the world), "Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon."