Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No more funding for ACORN. It just isn't fair.

It just isn't fair.
The U.S. Senate has voted to cutoff funding for Acorn, the notorious community organizing outfit that was caught on tape (multiple times) giving tax advice on how to set up whorehouses.

I almost caught myself leading with the following sentence..... Acorn has voted to cutoff get-out-the-vote assistance to the U.S. Senate, a notorious whorehouse.

I love Acorn, and was going to have a great time writing about them throughout the census. (Acorn funding for various projects was in the Porkulus Bill, and they had already been chosen to help inflate Democratic Party head counts in the census.)

I woulda had multiple posts about Tony Romo and Emmitt Smith living in my garage, and posts about going in with Acorn to open up Big Al's House Of Pleasure And Voter Registration in my attic.
My favorite Acorn stunt was when they were campaigning for a minimum wage increase, shortly after suing for a minimum wage exemption. (They were arguing that, with such a high minimum wage, they wouldn't be able to hire enough people to accomplish their holy, godly mission. Duh.)

It just isn't fair. I had already mentally composed my Acorn census posts. They were great.
Picture of the former Acorn "Leadership Trainer" came from here.

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TarrantLibertyGuy said...

When my kid's were younger and that song "Isn't it Ironic?" by Allanis Morisette was big, I told my kids that none of the things she mentioned (rain on your wedding day, etc.) wasn't ironic, but just bad timing. The fact that a song teaching others about irony didn't feature any irony was more ironic than the situations described in the song - was kinda ironic.

But this is really ironic... We'd like an exemption for minimum wage for our workers fighting for minimum wage increases... DANG!