Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To my gay and lesbian friends: You do have another option

From the comment field at Pam's House Blend, on the dithering of The Teleprompter Jesus on the gay marriage issue, plus some anonymous White House comments lumping gay bloggers into the "internet left fringe":

We get rousing speeches pre-election to get our vote. Then we get that insulting-azz DOJ brief comparing us to pedophiles. Then in front of the tea-and-finger-sandwich crowd there's another inspiring speech about how BHO stands with us. Then today we're the pajama-clad fringe again?
WTF? over!
Not one thin dime, not one more vote until somebody up there gets their shit together and gets some action going in a positive direction. They have not seen fringe lunatic -- yet. My last gay nerve is not that ->.<- long now. They can stick this on-again-off-again up their azzes.

And another:

I am sick to goddamned death of the Obama administration. Give me an honest enemy any day over a snake in the grass.

Here are some words of wisdom from The Gay Patriot:

I have to say that while I do delight in mocking gay leftists for their sometimes seemingly slavish support of Democrats, I have been most impressed with the integrity of many left-wing gay bloggers. They haven’t marched in lockstep with an Administration, even one they helped elect. And it’s not just in dealing with a Democratic Administration. While most gay organizations have been silent on the persecution of our fellows living under oppressive Islamic regimes, many gay bloggers on the left have covered their plight, with one blogger even organizing rallies on behalf of gay victims of Islamofascism.

These bloggers are hardly a fringe of the gay community, indeed, they may well be representative of it. Nearly every gay Democrat I talk to has expressed the same frustration as do these left-of-center bloggers. They may agree with a number of things the President has done these past nine months, but they’re appalled at how he has failed to act on the promises he made to the gay community.

So, we should be grateful for the blogosphere–it may well be more representative of our community that the heads of the various gay organizations with their fancy offices and titles and more ready access to the mainstream media.

Here's another Right-Wing Extremist publication, The New York Times:

Impatient and discouraged by what they see as a certain detachment by President Obama on their issues, gay rights supporters took to the streets Sunday in the largest demonstration for gay rights here in nearly a decade....

The president did not lay out a timetable to repeal the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, voice support for any of the battles going on at state levels to allow same-sex couples more recognition under the law nor mention the march.
“He knows this march is happening, and he can’t even acknowledge it?” said Robin McGehee, 36, a co-director of the march. Ms. McGehee took issue with people she believes are giving the president a pass.

Representative Barney Frank called the march “emotional satisfaction” for its organizers and said of their intention to pressure the Obama administration, “The only thing they’re going to put pressure on is the grass.”

Way to go, Barney. Go back to running a whorehouse out of your apartment.

Here's someone named Beth, commenting on the Ann Althouse blog:

So my question for the pissed off gays--what are you going to do about it? Vote republican next election? sit the next one out? Good questions, all.

I'll support candidates who challenge the Democratic incumbents - some primary challenges would be useful at least to unnerve incumbents who do lip service to gay constituents but never come through for us.

And yes, I'll sit out an election if there's no good option, or vote third party. We've long since quit donating to any organization that has shown up at the Obama White House for their cocktails and photo ops. Screw them. They don't represent us.

Well said, Beth. Please remember that the Libertarian Party waits for you to come around. We don't think America needs a third party, but a genuine second party would be nice.

I was sorry to read about Elmo.

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Anonymous said...

To All,
Welcome to the under-the-bus party, pal.
Now you know how the 9/12ers feel/felt during their march last month.

B Woodman