Thursday, November 12, 2009

My new career as a Rent-Seeker

Rent-Seeking behavior.
Once you understand it, you'll see it everywhere.

This morning's browsing unearthed two excellent posts on the subject.

Here's Captain Capitalism.

Here's Little Stevie Smith, at A Beginner's Guide To Freedom.

Stephen, meet The Captain. Captain, this is Stephen. In exchange for introducing you two and sending a smattering of traffic in your direction, I expect to be blogrolled, linked, and quoted liberally on your sites from now on. I'm lobbying Congress to make this a requirement for everything I link in the future. I have, after all, provided this valuable service, and expect to be compensated for it.

I also need grants and subsidies to support the employees I'll be hiring to monitor compliance on your sites. (This will create jobs AND stimulate the economy.) After all, if my employees don't monitor your sites, your sites would remain unmonitored.

Thank you both for being my first clients as a professional Rent-Seeker. My team will keep you posted about any new requirements.


Anonymous said...

Finally, a proposal for some "common-sense" regulations!

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Since you already fall under the jurisdiction and oversight of the MNCAARS Act of 2009, you owe me $3.28 for every word used in your comment.
Whether or not "common-sense" counts as one word or two - that's still in committee.
Go ahead and pay the lower amount, just to be safe.
It's for The Children.