Sunday, January 17, 2010

Minnesota Vikings 34, Dallas Cowboys 3

Jerry Jones' #9 stopped working again.
Lord have mercy, what a whoopin'.
So here's the question. The Cowboys, until last week's Philadelphia game, hadn't had a playoff victory since 1996.
Philadelphia hadn't beaten a team with a winning record all year long.
Brett Favre and company just showed the world that the Cowboys aren't really a playoff team.

If you get your rear end handed to you by a team with a 40-year-old quarterback, and I'm talking a THIRTY FOUR TO THREE blowout, does the Philadelphia wildcard game really count as an end to the Jerry Jones/Eminent Domain curse?

But enough about Jerry Jones' inability to put together a winner. (Hit the link above. Jimmy Johnson gets full credit for putting together the teams that won the Jones era superbowls.)

Like everyone else from Drew, Mississippi, I've been a fan of the New Orleans Saints since 1971. That's the year that New Orleans drafted Drew native Archie Manning. We've had some long, dry years. This could be the Saints' year, right?

But wait, it gets complicated. Archie and Olivia Manning had some babies. Cooper, Peyton, and Eli. Cooper can't play football any more because of a bad back. Eli is quarterback for the New York Giants. Peyton is quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. I always have to root for the Giants and Colts because of the Mississippi roots thing, right?

Let's change gears one more time. I've followed Brett Favre ever since he led the University Of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles to beat the snot out of Florida State, against all odds, sometime in the late 80's. (Two of my siblings went to Southern Miss.) I love me some Brett Favre, even if he's now jumping from team to team like a madman.

Mrs. Sepulchre, who has forgotten more about football than I'll ever know, has been a fanatical New York Jets fan ever since the Joe Namath era. For birthdays, I've occasionally given her bouquet/gift baskets made of New York Jets merchandise and propaganda. Unlike the Saints fans, Mrs. Sepulchre has seen her team win a Super Bowl. In 1969.

Here's my nightmare scenario.... Archie Manning's Saints, Peyton Manning's Colts, and Brett Favre's Vikings will be in the NFC and AFC championship games next week. While I'm typing this, Mrs. Sepulchre's New York Jets are playing San Diego for the remaining spot in next week's games.


Can it get any worse?

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