Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Orange Punch - another good libertarian blog

Here's a libertarian blog associated with The Orange County Register. 

Orange Punch. 

A sampling, this one from Mark Landsbaum:
In their head-to-head debate Monday, Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner showed enough differences to give voters a choice. Poizner’s positions almost always were to the right of Whitman’s, but on one particular issue he not only was to her right, but he was right.

Whitman advocated “targeted” tax cuts. That’s the insidious game played by politicians, who take your money, but deign to return some on the condition you do what they want you to do.

“Targeted” is code for “approved by the government.” Certain kinds of business or personal activity, indeed, certain kinds of businesses or individuals, are rewarded (with their own money) because of what they do or who they are.

Everyone should be offended. Those getting “targeted” tax cuts should realize they have been played. The government took their money and now uses it to bribe to do what the government prefers they do. Those not getting “targeted” tax cuts should realize their money is being used to play favorites, rewarding others, while punishing them.

That’s why Poizner’s proposed across-the-board tax cuts are preferable. He’s willing to let you keep your own money and do whatever you like with it.
Heh.  Well said, sir ! ! 

These guys are church preachers, not evangelists, and should be bookmarked by the already-converted. 

The picture of the delicious looking orange punch came from here. 

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Nick Rowe said...

I didn't see the debate. I should have since it is a matter of some concern to me but I'm busy preparing to move. Poizner can't beat Jerry Brown and Whitman will have to run a masterful campaign - something I don't think she's capable of.

I've heard Whitman speak once in an impromptu interview with a reporter. She sounded stupid.

All I can say is that Whitman should avoid any close-ups which have the slightest chance of appearing on High Definition television. Either that or she needs a better make-up person.