Thursday, March 18, 2010

A new E-Book to be released

There's going to be a new e-book released soon by one of my favorite libertarian bloggers. 

He's too humble to sing his own praises very loudly, so I'm doing it for him. 


Dr Ralph said...

Not that I want to encourage your ranting too much, but I offered to assist you in putting a book together a little while ago.

As I recall you poo-poo'ed my magnaminous gift of professional service, since it didn't support whatever goofy point you were making.

The offer still stands, sir.

PS - still haven't found those Bush quotes yet?

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

I'm sure the Humble Libertarian is super awesome... but I was secretly hoping that the person was either you or Stephen Smith. I can't get you two to do anything I ask... Well, when I ask nicely.

SO WRITE A FREAKING BOOK ALREADY! Compile some of your genius blathering rants!!! Heck, join forces with the evil Dr. Ralph, if that will further the cause of your books.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

The post in question was an almost line-by-line rewrite of a French letter to the editor, intended to parody the recent stimulus debacle. I guess some things are beyond parody.

However, lots of folks have encouraged me to put together a collection of the China stories, with some Mississippi Delta Madness (I think you've read some of my Obituaries)and see what I could do with it. You might be getting a call.

r.e. - the Bush quotes. I might be acknowledging defeat on this one. (If so, it'll be the subject of a longggg post.) In the early, early days of these rants, you can find some general discontent with Bush, Republicans, Conservatives, etc., but I had not yet seen the light.
I posted something one day about the sad state of the Tarrant County Libertarian website, and this got Big Daddy John Spivey in touch with me, which led me to a Libertarian Meetup.
In the words of the Apostle Paul, the scales fell from my eyes. I felt the spirit move, I walked the aisle, and I became as one with that glorious Body Of Believers, and accepted Thomas Sowell as my personal Lord and Savior. (This will give ammo to everyone who thinks I've traded in Baptist for Libertarian, but it reads kind of funny that way, don't you think?)

Dr Ralph said...

WS - to set your mind at ease, I fully caught the parody ( and read the source material). Even though my response was meant to tweak you, the offer to assist stands.

As far as the Bush quotes go, you get a pass; in the early days of your blog you were caught up in the primaries and the fun and games at Broadway. Besides - you've given me more than one pass.

Let me know when you are ready to eBook it.