Thursday, April 29, 2010

On San Francisco's city employee travel boycott

Let me get this out of the way first.....
If it weren't for the entitlement giveaways that our politicians throw out as if every day were Mardi Gras, I would favor "open borders". 
(Yeah, we would have to stop pissing off the rest of the world, which would greatly reduce the chances that someone would bring in a nuke from Toronto.  And we would have to reduce the size of government by about 90%, so the Statists would have nothing to gain by importing more Statist voters.  Probably a fantasy, but it would be nice.  The #1 predictor of whether you'll be wealthy or miserable?  The lines of latitude and longitude where you happen to be born.  That ain't right.) 
Anyway, because of the Arizona's recent crackdown on illegal immigrants, the city of San Francisco is banning travel by all of their city employees to Arizona.  Here's the San Francisco Chronicle's City Insider Blog:
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced today a moratorium on official city travel to Arizona after the state enacted a controversial new immigration law that directs local police to arrest those suspected of being in the country illegally.
The ban on city employee travel to Arizona takes effect immediately, although there are some exceptions, including for law enforcement officials investigating a crime, officials said. It's unclear how many planned trips by city workers will be curtailed.

I like that a lot.  I hope that Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, and Long Beach do the same thing.  And on the other hand, I hope that Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe, and Tombstone Arizona retaliate by not allowing their employees travel to anywhere in California.  Or anywhere else. 

I hope the Fort Worth, Texas, City Council doesn't allow its city employees to travel anywhere at all.  I hope that they tell all city employees to stay their asses at home and repair the potholes that are all over the East Side. 

It would be nice if the Booger Den, Mississippi, City Council declared that there would be no more travel on the government tit.  Never ever. 

Why restrict this protest to the city and town level?  I think the world would be a better place if Obama had a sit-down with Hillary and told her something like, "Mrs. Clinton, they've passed a racist, fascist, hate-filled anti-immigration law in Arizona.  And in protest, I need you to stay out of Arizona, China, Israel, Jordan, Africa, and Mexico.  Stay home."   

Would we have more money in the Treasury if we told our defense employees that they couldn't spend any more time defending, say, Germany and Japan, and that those nations were going to have to provide their own defense?  Would our boys and girls currently fighting in the Middle East Sandbox be better off it we told them to come home and get their feet back under their Mamas' kitchen tables?  Let's get them back to defending the borders, and nothing else.  That would solve any and all immigration "problems" right there.

The San Francisco Government Travel Boycott - may it spread far and wide.  


Nick Rowe said...

It's illegal under Posse Comitatus for federal troops to guard the borders unless there is an impending threat of war.

Is anyone keeping track of Obama's carbon footprint? He flew to Denver through Chicago and Phoenix to sign an energy bill. He's flown twice to California to campaign for Boxer.

I agree with you that the wealth of opportunity, public goods and publicly provided goods gives incentives for people to leave their dung holes to come here. But I don't agree with open borders - we have borders for good reasons. Every other country on the planet gets away with draconian protection of their borders and infringes even the basic civil rights of illegal immigrants, but we are not allowed to have reasonable controls over who and how many people pour into our country?

I'm all for more LEGAL immigration and abandonment of minimum wage laws, but climbing over our border fences is most likely for illicit purposes. Every illegal alien who works without paying taxes is a thief and every one who works and pays taxes is an identity thief.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Hey Nick, The Navy can patrol up and down the coasts... and National Guard units commanded by State Governors can put guys on the borders. And if things get too crazy, a Governor can ask the President to please send troops. But, not too many riotous Mexicans jumping over fences and swimming shallow parts of the Rio Grande.

If we made the borders open to anyone who legally came through the front door and go through the process. Let us check you. Health check. Criminal check. If they check out..."Here's your 'gotta work Visa' and your 'you don't get any welfare notice'. You OK with that?" If they're good with that, then they're good to go.

... and since we'd have decriminalized drugs... all the good guys who want to work and contribute get in. No huge profit motive for smugglers. They're staying home voluntarily. Anyone else swimming or fence jumping will have to be assumed to be a bad guy 'invading' us with ill intent. I think Posse Comitatus - which is fairly fluid sometimes - would allow for Federal Troops to catch those bad guys.

Sound logical?

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I think so.

Glad to have you back !

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is backfiring on California.

I don't thinks Arizona has to worry. From all the buzz on the internet tonight, there are MORE calls to BOYCOTT CALIFORNIA . There are people form all over the states that are confirming that California will be the target, I have seen everything from boycotting produce wines, travel and any food product made in California.

Their boycott won't last long. they have the other 49 states supporting them.
It's being called BUYcott Arizona.