Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arizona School Choice Fight Goes to U.S. Supreme Court

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Cedric Katesby said...

A school choice program currently helping over 27,000 students get a good education.

There is so much to like about this.
I really like school choice.
Choice is good. Everybody loves choice. Choice is freedom. Sounds good.
Helping? Helping is good too. Helping and choice. I like it. Whatever it is.

27,000 students? 27,000!! Wow. That’s a lot.

And they are getting a good education. Now I like that a lot.
A good education is important. Very, very, important. Good education. Very big number of students. Helping. Choice.
Tick box.
Tick box.
Tick box
Tick box.

These children could be forced to leave schools providing them with a quality education and be sent to failing public schools.

This is bad.
I don’t like this.

They could be forced? Force is wrong. Forcing cute little children is wrong.
I really hate it when the cute little children spookily disappear in the video.
Quality education? Quality education is good. How can you argue against quality education? Well don’t even try because that would be wrong.
Quality education is good. Don’t make the little children disappear.
Don’t force them. Force is wrong.
Failing public school? No, no, no.
Failing schools are bad. Very bad. Nobody wants to go to a failing school. This is all so wrong.
Tick box.
Tick box.
Tick box.

Who will help? Who will help the children? Where can little children turn to for justice?
Oh, how lucky.
There happens to be an “Institute” called the Institute for Justice that has a spokesperson in the video.
You can tell that the Institute is for justice because they have the word justice in their name. Easy.

(Enter the Institute for Justice spokesperson.)

Arizona offers tax credits to individuals and businesses for donations to fund scholarships for students to attend private schools, the goal of these programs is to give as many students as possible the resources they need to get a good education.

Private schools. Yes.
That’s choice. Choice is good. I like choice.
Resources are good too. They are very important. I like resources.
Good education. This is really good. Good education is very, very important. This is good.
Tick box.
Tick box.
Tick box.

The ACLU is challenging Arizona’s tax credit program in court because most taxpayers have freely chosen to donate to religiously affiliated scholarship organizations.

NO. Why do they hate children?
Why do they hate choice? Why do they hate helping? Why are they against a good education? They are pro-force! They want the children to spookily disappear.
Failing schools very bad, bad, bad. They want to stop resources!
How hateful they are.

The ALCU is trying to end this program. A program that is changing lives for the better.

Will the agony never end? These people are evil. They are trying to end the program.
It’s changing lives for the better. Changing lives for the better is GOOD! Very GOOD!
Why do they hate the children so? Is there no hope?

What we need now in this moment of crisis is a nice lady to explain things to us.
Somebody from an “Institute”.
Oh look, here’s one.

(Enter spokesperson for the Pacific Research Institute)

Lucky us. Now we understand the situation fully. It's really important to get the hard, cold-blooded facts of a case and to hear what both sides have to say.
This video makes it all easy to understand.
It's simple.

I like it.