Monday, October 18, 2010

On the Tea Party

From Commentary, my favorite conservative Jewish political magazine (not that there's a lot of competition for that spot):

“The irony is great here. A cadre of pundits cautioned the GOP after the 2008 wipeout to move to the center, to accommodate Obama’s agenda, and to recoil from the small-government philosophy that, the self-appointed gurus told us, had no sell with voters. With a big assist from Obama, the Tea Partiers have proved themselves much savvier than the punditocracy (damning with faint praise, I know). An entire populist movement built not on specific positions (e.g., anti-war) but on philosophical principles is a remarkable phenomenon; even more remarkable is the degree to which those principles have resonated with the public at large. . . . The left understood all too well what the Tea Party was about, tried its best to strangle it in its political crib, and now has seen its worst fears come true.”


One should never underestimate the historical illiteracy of the liberal intelligentsia. And it is also the case that the left did not merely misunderstand the Tea Party movement but actively distorted and vilified it. When unsubstantiated claims of “racism” start flying, you know the left is running scared. Certainly the Tea Party was the repudiation of the notion that the recession and the election of Obama had moved the country to the left. It simply couldn’t be that there was a broad and principled objection to this hypothesis. And when the rabble — that would be fellow citizens — showed again and again that the movement was genuine, determined, and deeply principled, the left had a collective meltdown, railing at the supposedly crazy citizenry.

Thanks to Instapundit for the link.  I went to the first Cowtown Tea Party and it was an impromptu rally behind the Cowtown Bar & Grill.  They had to have the most recent one at the Tarrant County Convention Center.  Heh.


Nick Rowe said...

The power of the tea party is unmistakeable, but they've selected some real pips. Angle and O'Donnell are dumber than your average idiots, and we're likely to lose one or both of those races now. Fiorina has been nearly silent. All three of these races should have been losses for the Demon Rats.

Winning a primary based on slogans doesn't do you any good if you have to win a general election and govern too.

On another note, the Ranger's bats seem to be working well. Ask and ye shall receive.

Frank Simon said...

The most important thing is to replace republicans they are hippocrits. The libs have dug there own graves but its the repubs who are misreprisenting our party. They will be TP'd this election, they think we are loonies but there going down. (TP'd)