Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Al Gore takes off the mask. Or puts it back on again. It's hard to keep track.

Go here to read about the latest pronouncements of Saint Albert, The Goracle Of Music City, Tennessee. 
He didn't blow a lot of money to save the planet or the polar bears. 
He did it to get elected.  Saint Albert is now admitting that his support for ethanol was a mistake.   

Here's Ed Morrisey, in the article linked above:

Why, then, did Gore spend most of the last two decades pushing for ethanol subsidies? It wasn’t because he was trying to help humanity:

Well, here's The Goracle:
“One of the reasons I made that mistake is that I paid particular attention to the farmers in my home state of Tennessee, and I had a certain fondness for the farmers in the state of Iowa because I was about to run for president.”

Well, everyone who isn't trying to get into his Prius with a recycling bin shoved up his ass already knew that.  Can we have our incandescent bulbs back now? 

I'm just glad that he's finally admitting it. 
How long until he admits that the rest of his ClimatePanic is a scam to buy votes and to help subsidize Green stuff ? 


Cedric Katesby said...

How long until he admits that the rest of his ClimatePanic is a scam...

Al Gore.
It's all about Al Gore.

The global puppet-master.
The supreme mastermind.
He's the one behind it all.

If only he would confess his guilt then maybe NASA would too?

Shame on you Al Gore, shame.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Al Gore effectively helped to create a program that caused death and starvation globally. Because almost half of our corn crops were being turned into gasoline, humans (and animals consumed by humans) were unable to get corn.

In America, it's not that big of a deal, since we're all still being intravenously fed partially hydrogenated corn syrup by the gallon... but in China and parts of South Asia and Africa, it really mattered.

This type of phoney baloney, Federal money fueled, kick back/subsidy bonanzas helped Mega-farmers (ADM, I'm talking to you), but then will have unexpected (or uncared about) repercussions that a freer market would've addressed: Getting corn to the hungry, or heck, to the marketplace... Which is not so important to the farmer when somebody's paying you to turn it into something to fuel cars (and PROMOTE GLOBAL WARMING!) vs. fueling human life.

Shame on this huckster. Corn huckster.

Nick Rowe said...

The "starvation" rhetoric was over the top. No one is starving because of ethanol. WIthout ethanol we'd still be supporting Ag prices and still giving the surplus to poor people. In fact, there is litttle starvation in the world - caloric intake is generally sufficient. It is malnutrition that plagues the world. We should be sending beef to Africa, not corn.

But this was a great article about Gore's narcissism and ambition. It also gives concrete evidence for what we knew all along - most Green programs raise costs for little to no benefit.

The only thing more shocking than when a liberal lies about his beliefs is when they tell you the truth about their beliefs.