Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Fixed fortifications are a monument to man's stupidity" - General George S. Patton

Here's a video of two girls climbing the four million dollar per mile U.S./Mexico border fence.
The important thing about this massive piece of pork? 

1) The contractors who lobbied for it got paid.
2) Politicians came up with a piece of Performance Art to show that they were doing something. 
3) The fence looks impressive without actually stopping the flow of illegals, who help fuel our economy, and drugs, which help fuel the prison/counselor/police lobby. 

If seen in the context described above, this monument is more beautiful than Mount Rushmore. 

Hit the "tortilla curtain" label below to read an old post about how much this thing costs per foot. 


Dr Ralph said...

It always amuses me to hear some politicians bloviate about funding the NEA and then turn around and spend unheard of amounts of money on performance art like the border wall.

Cristo would be proud.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I'm surprised that we haven't heard more about the fact that the TSA patdowns are nothing more than performance art.
It all shows how much they really care, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a structural engineer but I can see problems with that fence, even without the illegal S.A. defiant tree monkies climbing it like it was a banana plant.

Nick Rowe said...

One of the principles of defense is depth. Both airport and border security are lacking in it.

Once you breech the front line, there's nothing behind it to protect you. You must always assume the attacker will breech the front line. Overstaying a valid visa is the easiest way to get in.

"Performance art" is an effective defensive measure. It is often more effective to have a flimsy but visible defense than a solid but invisible defense. Visible defenses, though, must vary their routine. The effectiveness of such a defense is by creating uncertainty in the mind of the intended attacker. The punishment, however, must be severe or the deterrent value is lost.

Unseen defenses, like a minefield, can be effective. Minefields, though, must be marked and observed. Their purpose is to SLOW an attacker, not destroy them. If a minefield requires observation and affirmative response, a border fence needs it too.

A border fence isn't performance art. It's a "still life." Pat downs are more of a demonstration.

We need a border fence, but we also need employer checks, enforcement raids and heavy fines. I could easily find 500 illegal aliens in two hours within 5 blocks of my office. As Sean Connery said in The Untouchables, finding them is not the problem.

If we need the cheap labor, then we just need to increase legal immigration or farm out people on unemployment as temps. If we consider minimum wage and decent benefits to be a fundamental right, then how can we condone exploitation of illegal immigrant labor - oh, I know, votes for Democrats and profits for Republicans. (Actually, there are lots of Democrat business owners profiting from cheap labor too.)

It's ironic to see someone begging for spare change outside a McDonalds, and have the cashier not able to speak English. We have a 12% unemployment rate and a 24% underutilization rate, but plenty of jobs held by illegal aliens. What's up with that?

I worked in fast food and restaurants for four years of my adult life. It's beneath no one's dignity. But if you plan on supporting a family with it, you should consider a vasectomy instead.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I'm in favor of Open Borders.
Mostly because forcing people to live under whichever Student Council Refugee Employment System the were born into is unfair.