Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What 28 ounces of gold would purchase in 1916. And today.

From Tarrant County Libertarian Party Chair John Spivey's Facebook page:

Hey Federal Reserve fans! I just did some fun research - Shortly after the Fed was hatched, in 1916, Chevy released it's "Model-T Slayer", the 490! Very slick, this roadster with the optional "full electrical system" ran $550 or 28.9 ounces of gold. Today, the Chevy's roadster, the Camaro Convertible 2 SS with several fun options runs $47,145... or 28.3 OUNCES OF GOLD! ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!!!


sth_txs said...

And the Camaro is heck of a lot more comfortable and longer lasting as well.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

To be fair, I saw something like this about Model-T's and Tauruses (Tauri?)... But I thought that the new convertible Camaro 2 SS is much sexier than the Taurus - so I did a little extra research to get this one. Worked out the same!