Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fred Bastiat Quote Of The Day

“Poor people!” he lamented of the duped French populace in the same tumultuous year [1848]. “How much disillusionment is in store for them! It would have been so simple and so just to ease their burden by decreasing their taxes; they want to achieve this through the plentiful bounty of the state and they cannot see that the whole mechanism consists in taking away ten to give it back eight, not to mention the true freedom that will be destroyed in the operation!” - Frederic Bastiat

Picture of Fred Bastiat The Dachshund and Fred Bastiat The French Economist came from my dining room table. 


Hot Sam said...

Is this the wiener dog that gave you the run through the briar patch or a sibling?

Anne Cleveland said...

Fredrich Bastiat, one of my very favorite writers. And my favorite quote from, "The Law" is, "the few plunder the many, the many plunder the few, and every-one plunders every-one"
Thanks, Anne Cleveland