Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whiter than a Mormon choir

Here's a representative pic of the Occupy Wall Street movement. 
Remember when the Tea-Partiers were slammed for not having enough minority representation, even though the Tea Party rallies usually had a decent mix of minorities? 
Well check out this assortment of old hippies and middle-class Marxists from the suburbs....

Here's a sample:

These kids' anger is so mis-placed that I can't even get up a good rant about it.  If Washington D.C. is going to give away money, favors, porkulus, quotas and import tariffs, Wall Street will accept the money, favors, porkulus, quotas and import tariffs.  It really is that simple.
The question is:  How Long Are You Going To Put Up With It?
The protests need to be held on Pennsylvania Avenue. 


North said...

You might like what I wrote here:

Fester said...

to be fair though, there is a black guy in the photo you show standing behind the long hair with the drum sticks, and on the site you linked to the second photo down has a black girl in it.

CharlieDelta said...

These protests are nothing but a silly reason for the morons to get noticed, "be a part of something", smoke dope and play hacky-sack. The interviews I've seen with these clowns shows how ignorant and misinformed they really are...

Cedric Katesby said...

Remember when the Tea-Partiers were slammed for not having enough minority representation, even though the Tea Party rallies usually had a decent mix of minorities?

I have no dog in this hunt.
Not a single one but...I'm counting nine people in that one photo.

There is what appears to be a black girl in the back. She's hard to spot but you can just make her out. And a black guy wearing a hat on the far left of the picture. And the guy next to him doesn't look like the KKK would give him membership.

So thats three out of nine.
I assume that a "Mormons Chair" would have to be perfect white but that particular photo doesn't seem a very good example of that.

Judging the racial mix of a rally or demonstration based on a single close-in photo doesn't work.
You need a bigger sample size for the sake of honesty.

A gallery of wide angle shots of large groups of people attending the rally would be a better option. The link that you gave doesn't offer that.

Plus getting your photos from one single source is probably a bad idea. They may have a political axe to grind and be trying to create a false impression. Why only settle for photos that one guy has "helpfully" pre-selected for you?

Nick said...

First of all, there are black Mormons, just not many of them. So if there are some token blacks here and there at these rallies, they are still whiter than a Mormon Choir.

Second, minorities are disproportionately liberal and liberals are disproportionately minority. These rallies are supposed to be about unemployment, and minorities are disproportionately unemployed. The net result of those conditional probabilities is that minorities are woefully underrepresented in these temper tantrums.

The message I glean from that is that most minorities are saying "WTF are those stupid white hippies doing?"

The message I glean about the MSM and the Congressional Black Caucus is that they only count dark faces at Tea Party rallies.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey. . .!
Have you SEEN the Mormon Choir lately??
Every Sunday morning, "Music and the Spoken Word".
Look for it, watch it, there's a fair sprinkling of non-whites in the choir.

B Woodman
SLC, Utah