Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Children: The Ultimate Renewable Military Resource !!

From Big Daddy John Spivey's Facebook page:

Hey GOP buddies! 6,327 US Soldiers dead;
22,490 US Soldiers Wounded;
$4 Trillion total price tag (just for the wars);
700+ International US Military Installations;
$711 Billion Defense Budget (2011)...
If you think we should or even CAN continue on this way, please don't vote for Ron Paul.
He's the only one with plans to completely reverse this.
I guess we can always have more kids and print more money!

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Anonymous said...

If the CBS GOP foreign policy debate earlier this month is any indication, all but one of the candidates feel endless war is not only possible, but absolutely required. The only guy not baying for more blood was given just 90 seconds of airtime - because he's "nutty."