Monday, November 21, 2011

Are you smarter than a Wall Street Occupier?

A representative of New York magazine ventured into Zuccotti Park to ask the Occupy Wall Street Protesters a few basic political and economic questions related to some of their demands.  Call it a civics test.   

Hit this link to take the test.  The pollsters have supplied you with helpful charts showing the answers given by the occupiers.  (heh heh heh....)  Hit the link beneath each chart to see the correct answer. 

(Obligatory chest-thumping.... I got 'em all right, including #8.) 

Please brag and boast about your scores in the comment field. 

Overseas correspondents may add 2 points to their total. 

The link and the pic came from Denny's site. 


Simon Cooke said...

I did better - and I'm a bloody foreigner fgs!

Davek said...

I could almost say I did better than perfect, except Canada isn't overseas...

Hot Sam said...


I was hoping it would be a challenge.

I don't qualify for the overseas credit. I'd claim it if I could name one of their central bankers or political candidates. I can name most of their presidents/prime ministers except I don't know who Spain's new leader is - I only know he's not a Socialist.