Friday, November 18, 2011


Someone can be against capital punishment, and still be in favor of law and order. 

Someone can be in favor of marijuana legalization, and still be against drug use. 

Someone can be opposed to the "No Child Left Behind Act", and be in favor of education. 

There are people who oppose the "American Jobs Act" who hope that Americans can get jobs. 

You really can care about the environment, and continue believing that it was a bad idea to give half a billion dollars to bankrupt solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra. 

There are people of good will who oppose the "Employee Free Choice Act" while also believing that employees should have a free choice in the matter of joining a union. 

Some of the people who think that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are the biggest messes ever birthed by bureaucrats - some of those very same people don't believe that old sick people should be thrown out in the street. 

It is possible to be in favor of a strong national defense, and also believe that sending 2,500 Marines to Australia is a bad idea. 

Many people who oppose Affirmative Action aren't racists. 

1)  There are people who had a default setting of "No" when asked to contribute money to Jimmy Swaggart, Bernie Madoff, Enron,, and that lady in Nigeria who sent you the email about putting some money in your bank account for a short time just to get it out of the country. 

2)  There are also people who have a default setting of "No" when asked if they favor almost any government program.

If you understand the suspicions of the first group, you are closer to understanding the suspicions of the second.   


Nick said...

That is very well put, but I think you are putting too much finesse on it and thus allowing the moonbats too much wiggle room.

The fact is that MOST of the people who believe proposition A also believe proposition B. You are making the weaker argument that A is not dispositive of B.

When the moonbats read this, they grudgingly agree that SOME or A FEW people who believe A also believe B. You are asking them only to admit that not all believers in A are heartless, mindless Morlocks.

You get a gold star for tact.

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Bravo - and shared

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Agreed 100%. Well, aside of that check I am expecting from Nigeria, of course.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I'm trying to allow more wiggle room these days.
I'm slowly learning that if you set up an ironclad rant about something, the virgin mind encountering it for the first time refuses to process it. Instant change is painful.

Dr Ralph said...

No argument here. Well stated and reasonable.

Hey, wait a minute - who are you calling a Moonbat???

Nick said...

WS: Truth is a dish best served in someone's face.

(I was tempted to make a biting comment extending your metaphor of 'virgin,' but I decided to be gracious and tactful)

Dr. Ralph, you are far too kind, intelligent, well-groomed, and handsome to ever be confused with a moonbat...

unless you've had too many beers.

Dr Ralph said...

Nick - do martinis count? If so, I'm definitely a moonbat.

You are a gentleman and a scholar - much more so than our esteemed host (who, I will grant you, has his own boyish charm).