Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seen and Unseen and Obscene in Washington State

Radley Balko, of The Agitator Blog, has been linking to and commenting on some of the greatest stuff ever.  I've started going to his recommended links now and then, hitting a few, ranting about them, and saving them for a slow news day.  Here's a ferinstance:

If you've read any Libertarian-ish stuff at all in the last few years, you know that Washington State and Pennsylvania have state-controlled liquor monopolies. 
Here are a few quotes Balko selected from Reason magazine on Washington State's recent decision to allow its plantation worker citizens to purchase Jim Beam from someplace besides the plantation commisary:

Here's a little Seen And Unseen for you:


Beginning next June, liquor sales will shift from the state to grocery and warehouse stores, including Costco. It means more than 900 state employees will lose their jobs, most of them workers at state-run liquor stores.


The state budgeting office figures the number of outlets selling liquor will jump from 328 to 1,428. It also expects the change to generate an average of $80 million more in annual revenue for the state and local governments over the next six years....Some liquor prices are expected to drop.

Plus bonus hilarious overstatement from vested interests:

Tom Geiger, communication director for the union representing more than 700 workers in state-run liquor stores, said he thought the results raised questions about democracy itself.

Anybody who doesn't think that's funny needs to have a drink.  From a low-cost, private establishment that isn't subsidized by theft, of course. 

It's time to go knock back a few and watch the Buffalo Bills cover a 5 1/2 point spread against Jerry Jones's Dallas Cowboys.  Have a good Sunday. 


Dr Ralph said...

Ouch - hope the rest of your day went better than the Cowboy/Bills game.

In Toronto, oldest son must contend with the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) stores. Single provider Canadian health care is fine until one wants to self-medicate.

Nick said...

Classic Whited line: "Government couldn't run a profitable whorehouse."

Now you can add liquor store.

I think liquor stores in Virginia are or were run by the state.

Alcohol retail isn't the problem. The problem is that the distributors are often monopolies. I'm not sure whether its because government makes entry expensive and difficult or whether the market is a natural monopoly.

Dr Ralph said...

Nick, I would have thought the WS would classify Congress itself as a profitable government-run whorehouse.