Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gary Johnson is now seeking the Libertarian nomination for President of The United States !!!!

Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, has announced that he will seek the Libertarian Party's nomination for President of these United States !!

Heck yeah !!

The Republicrats only allowed Johnson to participate in only one or two of their debates this year, despite having polling numbers similar to establishment darling Jon Huntsman. 

Johnson is the only governor running who admits that he didn't create a single job as governor.  Why?  Because the government can't be a net-creator of jobs.  They don't produce things that people voluntarily purchase.  The government's funding is taken by force, from people who had rather use the money to create a job elsewhere. 

Lord have mercy, I'm pumped about this.  Gary Johnson gets it !!!

Here are Reason magazine's excerpts from Johnson's "coming out" speech:

"Libertarians talk about all the things they’re not going to do in office. I think my 750 vetoes as governor of New Mexico really gives me a unique voice as to all the things government should not do."

"As a libertarian president--as the candidate for the libertarian nomination--I’m going to talk ALL the time about balancing the federal budget. That means cutting 43% from the federal budget."

"Let’s enact the fair tax. When I talk about taxes, libertarians are anti-tax all the way across the board, and so am I. The fair tax is the best of the worst."

"Let’s reduce welfare. Let’s reduce warfare in this country. Let’s end corporate welfare now. Let’s have a constitutional affinity to gay rights, let’s have a constitutional affinity to gun rights, let's have constitutional affinity to property rights, let's have constitutional affinity to womens rights."

"We need a strong U.S. dollar, not a weak U.S. dollar. We need to end the war on tens of millions of American who happen to use drugs. As president of the united states I would end the war on marijuana. I would remove marijuana from schedule I. As president of the United States, I would pardon nonviolent drug offenders."

"We can secure the border without building a fence. What a waste of money. Let’s make it as easy as possible to come into this country and get a work visa--not a green card or citizenship--I just bang my head when I hear candidates complain about border violence without saying what the root is, which is the prohibition of drugs."

"I’m doing this today because I think this is an agenda that resonates with most Americans, and it's not being represented by either political party. I want to thank all of you for being here. You have no idea how much it means for me to have you here in support of this."

[On health care] "The solution to all our problems is free market approaches. In a free market system for health care, it would be competititve. I would have pay-as-you-go in a very competitive market. Health care in this country is about as removed from a free market system as you possibly could be, and we can thank both political parties for that."

[On Afghanistan] "I would withdraw from Afghanistan immediately. I initially thought it was warranted. After six months, I thought we had whiped out al Qaeda. That was 10 years ago."

"Meth and crack are the two biggest examples of prohibition drugs. Without prohibition, we wouldn't have meth and crack. Cheaper highs. It's cheap and easier to make, so consequences fall disparately on the poor."

"The only drug I'm advocating legalizing is marijuana." [On other drugs, decriminalization.]

I've been drifting away from church lately.  I'm now repenting of that decision.  I'm going to get Born Again so I can vote for Gary Johnson twice. 


Fester said...

I'll consider it only after the republican primaries, because if Ron Paul wins the nomination, I will go with him over Gary Johnson.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

I am with you. I am suspicious of Johnson reciting a litany of groups needing special recognition of their "rights". I consider myself to be an INDIVIDUAL willing to ignore group membership with regard to "rights".

Nick Rowe said...

Way to go Leo!

It's about time government understood rights belong to each of us as individuals, and rights are not conferred by laws - not even the Constitution. What a law gives, the law can take away.

CenTexTim said...

Serious question: Would you vote for Johnson instead of whoever the repubs nominate, knowing that if enough people do the same it will hand the election to obama?

I agree that there's little difference between the GOP and the dems, but I also think that obama will ruin this country faster than the repubs. I'd like to see the emergence of a legitimate third party with the country's best interests at heart, but IMO that will have to come from the bottom up, not the top down. Get Libs or Tea Partiers or whoever elected at local levels, infiltrate congress, and then run one for prez in a viable campaign.

Until then, my fear is that a vote for Johnson or Trump or whoever else runs is worse than a wasted vote, it's a vote for an obama second term, which would be an unqualified disaster. (Electing a republican would be a qualified disaster...)

Fester said...

Tim, serious answer is YES. If Romney or Newt get the nomination, I don't think they are different enough from Obama to make a difference. In fact as long as the republicans control the congress, it is preferable to have Obama in versus some big government republican.

CenTexTim said...

Fester (and others who think the same):

I understand what you're saying, and don't totally disagree. But there are two words about an obama second term that really, really scare me - Supreme Court.

If he gets reelected and has the opportunity to shift the balance of the Supremes to the left, we'll be suffering from that for decades, if not centuries. IMO The big gov repubs would be less dangerous.

If Johnson had a legitimate chance to win, that would be one thing. But (again IMO) an obama second term would be more damaging than any alternative out there.