Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Libertarian Night Before Christmas

I found this on Libertarian Reddit.  (I'm finding LOTS of stuff this morning, waiting on the family to wake up!)
Ten years ago, I wouldn't have understood half of it.  It's funny what blind panic and fear for your country will make you learn ! 
Once again, Merry Christmas !!!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all over the net

Libertarian infighting, as good as it gets.

The young cats and rookies, the intellectual debtors

watch left and right scrum over racist news letters.

Should anarchists vote? Or is it a crock?

'Wendy's a statist!' Exclaimed Walter Block.

Anarchists, minarchists, a matter of degrees?

You min-mins are fascists! Awaiting kings decrees!

Atheist, Christian, Muslim or Jew

We don't fight over faith, like statists do.

We prefer to fight over who should be ruling.

And private vs public vs un-or-homeschooling.

Taxation is theft, and all war is murder.

Further consensus? Good luck, cat herder.

Even semantics are points for a schism,

Call it free-markets, or capitalism?

Austria or Chicago? Friedman or Mises?

Is Peikoff the pope, if Ayn Rand is Jesus?

Konkin or Rothbard? What's on your shelves?

Ah hell, what's the difference, Ron Paul twenty-twelve!

So on Hayek and Murray, on Ron and on Ayn.

On Ludwig and Milton! on Bastiat and Heinlein.

Let's call a truce, friends, for just this one night.

Then on the 26th... libertarians.... FIGHT!

The Rand Album Cover came from here. 


Harper said...

Merry Christmas, Whited - it was fun watching Roscoe shred bows this year. Thanks for our newest family member.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Merry Christmas!