Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry on which way to walk

Here are some recent Tweets from Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry (who I first heard perfom in 1977, BTW.  Memphis, Tennessee.  Great show.) 

All the kids I talk to are into Ron Paul . They like his voting record. He's not a smiling grinning talking head spewing party BS.

Obama hasn't done anything close to what he promised he'd do.didn't get my vote and I got lotta grief. Well,my votes for Ron Paul.

Media is trying to crush Paul. It's so transparent. They will smear himevery chance.beware! Get your news from lot of different sources.

Here's what I hope happens....

I hope Ron Paul comes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, and then maybe Nevada. 
Then I hope that a truly horrific Statist defeats him for the Republicrat nomination.  Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum.  Flip a coin for the BarackLite of your choice. 

Then I hope Paul comes back into the Libertarian Party fold to run as Veep or Prez with Gary Johnson, having shed any requirements to cooperate with the Demoblican establishment. 

Then we could give voters a choice between true change and more of the same.  Google some timelines of the last 50 years.  Look at government spending, debt, inflation, military spending and wars, or any other horrific metric you can think of.  Has it mattered which "party" was in charge? 

Here's Joe Perry and Aerosmith from the year I first heard them, 1977:

The voice distortion/phase shifter box that Perry is using in this vid was a big deal at the time.  Peter Frampton used one and sold a jillion records, so everyone else felt like they had to do the same. 

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