Thursday, January 12, 2012

American Glob

I've been trying to figure this guy out for a while. 

His website is called "American Glob" - "Conservative Libertarian News And Views". 

Go here.  It's a good site with good content. 

Mr. Glob used to have banners on his site stating that "Real Libertarians Vote Republican", or words to that effect. 

That's like saying "Real Libertarians support the Defense Of Marriage Act, draconian drug laws, Monsanto, undeclared wars, The Patriot Act, agricultural subsidies, quotas, protective tariffs, RomneyCare, racking up 48% of the world's military expenses, Fannie and Freddie (see: Gingrich, Newt), TARP, bailouts, The Fed printing money, an embassy in Iraq that's bigger than the Vatican with 15,000 soldiers "employees", and a host of other blights on the tree of liberty. 

No longer.  Mr. Glob's "Real Libertarians Vote Republican" banners have been taken down.  I wonder which of the Republican/Statist debates pushed him over the edge? 

In the 2010 election, I voted for the Democrats when there wasn't a Libertarian running for a particular office.  Republicans have given the concept of "small government" a bad name for too long. 

Just because I don't like a month to go by without posting it, here's my favorite video of Newt 'n' Nancy:

Real Libertarians don't tolerate this crap.  They vote for Libertarians first, then for the greater of the two lessers. 


Nick Rowe said...
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CenTexTim said...

Geez, this is getting to be a pattern, but I agree with Nick - to a certain extent.

Given the current political system it will be very difficult for a true third party to emerge. If that's true, the best way to achieve true change is for Libertarians (or whoever) to co-opt one of the two existing partys.

IMO, the best way for that to happen is from the bottom up, not the top down. By that I mean elect people at the local level - regional and state offices, and congressional representatives. Then let them drive change at the higher levels.

Look at the effect the Tea Party had in 2010. They haven't gained control of the republicans - yet - but they definitely influenced the 2010-2012 legislative agenda. Didn't win, but made waves.

Now imagine a coalition between Tea Partiers and Libertarians. Not perfect, but better than the status quo.

That seems to be much more effective than casting a vote for a presidential candidate who has no realistic chance of winning.

That's not sending a message. That's cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Allen, I think we agree more than we disagree. Maybe we can get together at a future Blownstar and iron all this out.

"Also....there is no easy solution, no quick solution, and no painless solution. It's going to take decades.

Is the goal of this election to change directions, or to merely change drivers?"

If you truly want to change directions, start with the passengers, not the driver...