Monday, January 9, 2012

Return Of The Chickenhawks !!!!

It looks like we've finally gotten an anti-war movement going again! 
(Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are the only ones in it, of course.)

Like I read someplace on the 'net recently, calling Paul and Johnson "isolationists" is like calling your neighbor a "hermit" because he doesn't come into your yard and house and bust all your stuff. 

Here's something from

What a joy to see Ron Paul take down Newt “Chickenhawk” Gingrich in front of millions of Americans. Slogging through fifteen Republican presidential debates was totally worth it just to witness this defining moment. Dianne Sawyer, who sounded like she was on Quaaludes, raised her eyebrows quizzically as she asked him if he stood by his previous characterization of Newt as a “chickenhawk.” Her tone implied she thought this a little harsh. Paul took this opening and ran with it:

“I think people who don’t serve when they could and they get three or four or even five deferments – they have no right to send our kids off to war … I’m trying to stop the wars, but at least, you know, I went when they called me up.”

Ouch! Having drawn the first blood of this presidential gladiatorial contest, the good Doctor moved in for the kill:

“We have hundreds of thousands coming back from these wars that were undeclared, they were unnecessary, they haven’t been won, they’re unwinnable, and we have hundreds of thousands looking for care. And we have an epidemic of suicide coming back. And so many have – I mean, if you add up all the contractors and all the wars going on, Afghanistan and in Iraq, we’ve lost 8,500 Americans, and severe injuries, over 40,000. And these are undeclared wars.”

Gingrich’s response was worse than if he had said nothing at all:

“The fact is, I never asked for deferment. I was married with a child. It was never a question. My father was, in fact, serving in Vietnam in the Mekong Delta at the time he’s referring to. I think I have a pretty good idea of what it’s like as a family to worry about your father getting killed. And I personally resent the kind of comments and aspersions he routinely makes without accurate information and then just slurs people with.”

The trap, so carefully set, was sprung: “I need one quick follow-up, said Paul with a gleam in his eye:

When I was drafted, I was married and had two kids – and I went.”  (Here's the good Doctor with one of his boys.)

The applause was the loudest of the evening. Newt’s puffed up persona seemed to visibly shrink as he stood there on the stage, reduced to squealing like a stuck pig:

"I wasn’t eligible for the draft! I wasn’t eligible for the draft!”

Hit the link up top to read the whole thing.  Seriously, it's good stuff. 

It's going to be a great year for Liberty.  Let's pray together, shall we? 

Dear God, I know that I'm a sinner, and we are all sinners, but please, please, please let The Libertarian Party have Gary Johnson and Ron Paul on the same ticket.  Amen. 

Hit this link to see the video, which can't be embedded for some reason or another.  Otherwise, this thing would have more viewings than all the cute cat videos combined.  Pass the popcorn !!!!

This pic came from The Huffington Post. 


Nick Rowe said...

What if I'm stockpiling gasoline so I can burn down your house one night while you and your family are sleeping?

I've threatened to do this to your face. I've burned down other people's houses before, so you know I'm serious. You know I'm a lunatic.

You've called the police. They checked my house from the outside but couldn't get a warrant to search inside. They have grown weary of your repeated complaints and will not search your "good neighbor" ever again. I have a right to buy gasoline.

If your house burns down, the police will "investigate" but they likely won't do anything because the police chief's brother owns the gas station that is selling gas to me. And they never liked you because you make so much money selling fruit displays.

Will you be a hermit or a survivor?

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Nick, I find your analogy interesting due to the fact I have lived a similar one. I had 2 choices. Either 1) preemptively terminate the bad guy and his gang or 2) relocate. Choice 1 would result in a lengthy prison term for me. 2 was the wiser choice given the local (Kalifornia) situation.

If you are trying to draw an analogy using the US empire and a 9000 mile distant Iran it simply doesn't work. Iran does not have a history of burning down it's neighbor's homes in spite of it's hollow rhetoric and the US empire's desperate political need for a threat/bogeyman.

I would also suggest that Israel is quite capable of assessing threats to its securityand dealing with them.