Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time to purge the photo files again

I'm having to work late, waiting on a contractor. 
It's time to make use of all the extra photos that I've saved from Facebook, emails, and Libertarian Reddit. 
Please keep sending them to dapfortworth at aol dot com 

Here's something from Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize World Tour:

I don't know why we don't just go ahead and nuke everybody in the places we don't like.  It would be cheaper, and with the same results:

From the little-known film "Field of Redundant Blood-Sucking Leeches"....

Here's Barack Obama giving zillionaire Warren Buffett the Medal of Freedom.  Buffett has been advocating higher taxes for lots of other people, but not for himself.  His NetJets company was recently involved in a $643 million lawsuit against the IRS in an effort to avoid paying $643 million to the IRS. 

I don't care who you are, this is funny !!

Ya think slipping these into every bag of toy soldiers might have an impact?  

Here's an excellent military spending chart:

Words to live by.

I generally don't like this kind of shirt, as a lot of my friends are hard-working Democrats who supported Obama.  Then again, they generally work for the government, the military-industrial complex, or some other boondoggle.  So my apologies.  But not really. 
This is a Rick Perry action figure.  Google it.  It is for real. 

Where your taxes go. 

I've been to China 5 times for up to 5 weeks per trip.  I've never seen this on the menu. 

Here's a modified campaign poster for the despicable f*** who recently signed the Indefinite Detention Bill. 

Here's a poster produced by another candidate, welcoming us to the Indefinite Detention Club:

I don't remember how I got this one, but I'll post the heck out of it several times when the Cowboys fail to win a playoff game again NEXT year. 
It illustrates how Jerry Jones, eminent domain thief, has won fewer playoff games in the last decade and a half than powerhouses like Miami, San Diego, Oakland, Chicago, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay (snicker).

Here's the intersection of The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street.  The Tea Party wants to have a smaller government but the Social Security and Medicare guarantees of a larger government.  The Occupy people want a bigger government, but with the bans against giveways usually found in smaller governments.  I think. 

Here's a nice illustration of what our debt looks like, in $100 bills.  Your portion is probably around the statue's knees.  Somewhere around the statue's belly-button is the part that will have to be paid by the grandchildren of the sperm now residing in unborn zygotes. 

Hah !  (The science is backwards, but you get the joke.)

Marathon Man !

If you didn't think this was funny, you need to read more. 
Obama don't like no medical marijuana.  Or any other marijuana.  Obama likes them jails full !  One million more government jobs created in the prison industry since the 1970's !! 

Contrast that poster with this one, featuring two imaginary quotes....

Here's a Who's Who on the Keystone Pipeline farce:

No commentary necessary:

My favorite marriage poster:

A quote from noted isolationist Smedley Butler:

"Spreading The Wealth Around"

A chart showing the failures of Capitalism....

Occupy Wall Street wants to protest inequality.  But not when it comes to the distribution of "their" groceries. 

Dawn Of The Fed !!

A warning from Barry Goldwater, on letting preachers into your party. 

A bumpersticker about the Gunwalker/Operation Fast and Furious mess:

A bumpersticker about the Obama economic policy mess:

A bumpersticker about the Ben Bernanke counterfeiting mess:
A poster illustrating the rich variety and diversity of what we now call "Biblical Marriage":

That's all I've got for now.  Gonna go home.  Will probably post some more tomorrow. 


Nick Rowe said...

Humorous as always.

BTW, who were the 14 people at Obama's coronation who missed work? I think that's a high estimate. A lot of people were paid to be there.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

What I've always gotten a kick out of is how they totally trashed the Washington Mall at The Teleprompter Jesus inauguration, plus the wreckage left by the OWS folks.
Tea Partiers (who want to destroy the environment?)
They leave places cleaner than they found them.
Go figure that one out.