Sunday, March 25, 2012

Have dinner with Gary Johnson !!!!

This is going to be great !!!
I can't yank 1K out of The Aggie College Fund to attend right now, but I'm going to enter 1/20th of that amount for the drawing.

Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico for eight years.

He boasts that in that eight year period, the government didn't create a single job. Why? Because that's not the government's job, and when government tries to get involved in job creation, we get....well, what we're currently getting.

He was nicknamed Governor Veto.   As governor, Mr. Johnson maintains he worked overtime to do just that, issuing an astonishing 685 vetoes in his eight years in office - more than the combined total of vetoes by the nation’s other 49 governors in those same eight years.  “Any time someone approached him about legislation for some purpose, his first response always was to ask if government should be involved in that to begin with,” said former New Mexico Republican National Committee member Mickey Barnett.

He laid off 1,200 state employees.

He's on the Advisory Council of "Students For A Sensible Drug Policy". 

He supports gay marriage. 

He left the state of New Mexico with a large budget surplus. 

His small government credentials are impeccable. 

Can you imagine getting this guy onto a debate stage with Barack and Barack-Lite

Let's make it happen !!!!

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