Monday, October 15, 2012

A Rant

1. I’m tired of seeing Anti-War bumperstickers and Barack Obama stickers on the same car.

2. I’m tired of hearing about tax and budget “plans”, plans that will involve careful allocation of resources for decades, and that don’t take into account new technology, wars, inflation, or other surprises, all from people who haven’t passed a budget in something like 1,300 days.

3. I’m tired of reading about debates where Civil Liberties weren’t discussed.

4. I’m tired of reading about debates where the miserable failure of our public schools isn’t discussed.

5. I’m tired of speeches from Democrats that don’t mention how many black men are in jail for victimless crimes.

6. I’m tired of speeches from Republicans who act horrified at the very thought of cutting out military pork.

7. I am starting to enjoy political discussions in my bar. I’ve had this one three times…. Sincere Young Statist: We as a society owe it to each other to provide a safety net. That’s why we need Social Security. Me: Social Security is broke. I’m older than you are. Cover my bar tab so I’ll have more money for a vacation.

8. I’m tired of hearing about “Jobs Created And Saved” from a man who has never, to the best of my knowledge, created or saved a job in his working life. Private industry creates jobs. Government creates overhead.

9. I’m tired of hearing my Republican friends try to explain why Paul Ryan voted for the bailouts. And TARP.

10. I’m trying to figure out why the G.M. bailout was superior to a controlled bankruptcy. Did those guys have to change anything at all about the way they do business?

11. I’m tired of explaining the Wasted Vote Fallacy to people who don’t support the Drug War, don’t support the Bush Wars, don’t support the Wall Street control of Obama, but who are going to vote for Obama anyway.

12. I’m tired of backing people into logical corners, and then having them say “we’ll just have to agree to disagree”.

13. I’m tired of going to this map of the Stimulus Bill spending in my area, and looking for things that make any sense at all.  (Put in your zip code, and hunt down the pork.) 

14. Yesterday, I got tired of my friends Roger and John trying to convince me to watch the McDonald’s vs. Burger King debates Tuesday night.

That's all for now. Hope you have a GREAT Day !!!!!

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