Tuesday, December 11, 2012

People are strange

This is the desk of my freight broker/dispatcher, Linda. 
Linda is the only person who can find anything on this monstrosity. 
Linda is a "pile" person, and not a "file" person. 
She's very good at her job. 
We'd be lost without her. 
But God help us if she ever dies. 
We'll have to deal with this:

If there is any order or structure to that mess, I can't define it. 
But this is how Linda eats Skittles.  She has to sort them by color first. 

People are strange. 


marshall said...

see? they should pass a law that requires you to keep your desk clean. violation should bring a minimum sentence.
it might cost millions to enforce, but it could save thousands if people get fired and someone has to organize their desk.

JT said...

I sort Skittles. I don't like to mix the flavors and I have a specific order that I eat them in.

My desk at work is slightly more organized than Linda's. Home is a disaster spilling over to the top of a filing cabinet and a neighboring table.

Isn't there some saying about a messy desk being a sign of genius?

The Freeholder said...

Hm-m-m. Great minds think alike. I too organize by piles and sort my Skittles. I don't have a specific order in which to eat them, though. Harper may be onto something.