Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trickle Down Economics Doesn't Work

Between bars, taverns, restaurants, Facebook, McDonald's drive-thru's, and work, I somehow find myself in arguments with lots of Statists. 

After they get through saying GEORGE W. BUSH!!!! and SARAH PALIN!!! they will usually say something about the need to protect us all from Big Bidness.  I usually hit that one out of the park.  Big Bidness doesn't send me an invoice for a huge chunk of my income every year. 

If the discussion goes on long enough, Obama's Representative Of The Sheeple will then go waaaaay back into his talking points database and triumphantly say TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOESN'T WORK !!!!!!!!!, and then sit down, exhausted, the way Leonard Bernstein used to crumple at the podium after conducting Beethoven's 9th, letting the waves of adoration and applause wash over him. 

Here's how you respond:
Sir, I agree somewhat, but would like to expound on that a bit.  "Trickle Down Economics" isn't an economic phrase, it was just a marketing phrase for a government policy.  "Government Involvement In The Economy" is what doesn't work. 

When Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi gave out billions and billions and billions to big banks and big corporations in the form of The Stimulus Package (instead of just cutting a check to each of us little people for $6,000.00), it was because they believed that "Trickle Down Economics" works. 

Same thing for what The Fed is doing with the money supply. 

Neither of those is working. 

You're right, sir.  "Trickle Down Economics" doesn't work.
The Statist will act like he didn't hear a word you said, and will then reply "But Who Will Build The Roads?" 
Keep fighting the good fight, folks !!!


Tim said...

While a good post, you missed the part where the say, after tricle-down economics doesn't work, "end of discussion."

They like to declare things decided, when they aren't.

MingoV said...

I have yet to meet a left-winger willing to listen to any logical argument about government or economics. Left-wingers are magical thinkers whose rhetorical skills suck: appeals to authority, appeals to consequences, appeals to popularity moralistic fallacy, bandwagon fallacy, ad hominem attacks, etc. Such people can never be persuaded.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

But I think it's important to have the discussion, mostly for the sake of the bystanders.
You'd really be surprised how many "thank you's" and "I thought I was the only one who though this way" comments that I get.
We are 17 trillion in debt.
That doesn't count the unfunded liabilities, which are going to hit 80 trillion.
It's important to have this discussion, dammit!!!!

Tim said...

It is an important discussion to have. Note the first two points on my "debating advice" post:

1. You will not convince the person that you are debating.

2. You might convince a witness to the debate.