Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My heart breaks. My tears flow.

Lobbyists on K Street in Washington D.C. have had a rough time of it for the last two weeks. 
Here's Roll Call, on the difficulties now facing the residents of Gucci Gulch:

…sequester cuts…reflect not only Washington’s political paralysis but a bitter lobbying failure for K Street interests across the board. From university professors and scientists to cancer victims, defense contractors and federal workers, hundreds of advocacy, trade and labor groups have lobbied aggressively for months to head off the cuts. They’ve run ads, testified on Capitol Hill, staged demonstrations and hounded lawmakers, all to no avail. …the path forward could be a lobbying nightmare.

These people have lifestyles that would make Roman Emperors blush. 
They convince your CongressCritters to spend money on silly, silly things.  Mostly defense, but sometimes on million-dollar studies of Why Lesbians Get Fat.  (Hint: It's because they're less promiscuous than men, therefore more secure in their relationships.  Plus, they party a lot.) 

Anyway, thanks to the great Dan Mitchell for the quote copied above.  And also for this cartoon showing his reaction to the difficulties now facing K Street, which, if Libertarians have their way, will eventually be bulldozed to put up a Frisbee Golf Course.

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