Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spending Vs. Results

Here's a handy infographic showing U.S. spending per tricycle motor, and comparing it to English, Math and Science skills. 
Sources are the CIA Factbook and the U.N. 
Came from here. 
The spending, of course, is much, much higher in some places like D.C., which get truly miserable results. 
One day, someone is going to put out the definitive spending vs. results data for public vs private (and home) education. 

U.S. Education versus the World via Master of Arts in Teaching at USC
Via: MAT@USC | Master’s of Arts in Teaching


MingoV said...

I'd like to see another comparison: percentage of K-12 teachers with degrees in any field other than education. I suspect the USA would have a relatively low percentage.

Fester said...

Looks like the Russians have it down, one of the lowest spending countries, yet higher math and reading scores than the US and almost the same in science.