Thursday, May 30, 2013

LIbertarian VP Candidate Judge Jim Gray at Texas Regional NORML Conference

My friend Shaun McAlister and the DFW/NORML tribe have put together a great lineup for their Texas conference.  Documentaries, speakers, How-To workshops and, of course, some rants.  Hit this link. 

My rant is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. June 8th, AND I GET TO INTRODUCE JUDGE JIM GRAY!!!  Yes, that Jim Gray.  The 2012 Libertarian Party VP nominee.    Norris Conference Center.  Downtown Fort Worth.  Hope to meet some of you good folks there.

Also, check out the 2:30 Saturday afternoon speaker.  Adrian Murray, Fort Worth Tea Party and 9-12 Activist.  If Adrian Murray is on board with ending prohibition then we've won half the battle.


Conference Agenda

This is the current agenda for the Texas Regional NORML Conference. All speakers are confirmed unless otherwise noted. Times are subject to change so check this page for the most up to date version.

Day 1 – Friday June 7, 2013

4:00 pmLive Art and Music Reception at Froggy’s Boat House4400 White Settlement RoadFort Worth, Texas 76114$5 Cover or Free with 3 Day Pass. 18+ Welcome.

Day 2 – Saturday June 8, 2013

9:00 amIntroductions by Shaun McAlister, Executive Director of DFW NORML
9:15 amCheyanne Weldon of Texas NORML
9:30 amKeith Stroup, Legal Counsel and Founder of NORML
10:00 amRuss Belville, Executive Director of
10:15 amTerry Nelson, Executive Board Member at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), former Border Patrol agent and Homeland Security Supervisor
10:30 amAllen Patterson, Chairman of the Tarrant County Libertarian Party
10:45 amWhy Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It:
Judge Jim Gray - 2012 Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate and Retired Superior Court Judge
11:15 amMeet and Greet with Judge Jim Gray, Keith Stroup and Russ Belville
11:30 amBreak for Lunch
12:30 pmFilm Screening: American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny
2:00 pmMike Hyde, father of Cash Hyde and Founder of the Cash Hyde Foundation
2:30 pmAdrian Murray, Founding member of the 912 Project Fort Worth
2:45 pmJoy Strickland, Founder of Mothers Against Teen Violence
3:00 pmUsing Drugs Religiously: Dr. Russell Elleven, Unitarian Minister
3:30 pmFamily Law Attorney Leslie Burgoyne
3:45 pmWorkshop: Cultivating Quality Medicine
Forest Scott and Nicole Pisut of Tinctura Coltivare
4:20 pmClosing
5:00 pmAfter Party #1 at Red Goose Saloon
306 Houston Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
$5 Cover or Free with 3 Day Pass. 18+ Welcome.

Day 3 – Sunday June 9, 2013

9:00 amIntroductions by Erik Altieri, Communications Director for National NORML
9:15 amStephen Betzen, Founder of the Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care
9:30 amWorkshop: Medicinal Alternatives to Smoking Marijuana
Toni Ann Haskett-Mills, Patient Advocate for Medical Cannabis Patients with 28 yrs experience in Direct Patient Care
10:00 amLarry Talley, Strategist for DFW NORML, speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and retired US Navy
10:15 amClif Deuvall, Co-chair of Texas at US Marijuana Party of Texas, Chairman at Texas Cannabis Party and Founder Norml of Waco Inc. at NORML
10:30 amJamie Balagia, Public Information Officer and Attorney at San Antonio NORML
10:45 amRuss Belville, Executive Director of
11:00 amHemp Fashion Show
11:45 amBreak for Lunch
1:30 pmWorkshop: Creating Concentrates
Forest Scott and Nicole Pisut of Tinctura Coltivare
2:00 pmDerek Cross, Author of Hemp Healthy Today
2:15 pmWorkshop: Cooking with Hemp
Derek Cross, Author of Hemp Healthy Today
2:30 pmRob Kampia, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project (UNCONFIRMED)
3:00 pmMargarita McAuliffe, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Texas Moms United
3:30 pmRuss Buss Belville, Executive Director of
3:45 pmTristan Tucker, Executive Director of UNT NORML
4:00 pmShaun McAlister, Executive Director of DFW NORML
4:20 pmClosing
5:00 pmAfter Party #2 at the Whiskey Girl Saloon2413 Ellis Ave.Fort Worth, Texas 76164$5 Cover or Free with 3 Day Pass. 18+ Welcome.

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