Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nice collection of NSA posters, memes, cartoons and stuff

Libertarian Reddit has been having a great time with Barack's NSA/Domestic Spying scandal. 
(For those living overseas, it seems that some of Barack's Boyz have been tracking phone calls, looking at emails, and doing other stuff contrary to the letter and spirit of our 4th Amendment.)

This will be out of date by the time some of you read it, but you can go here to read some of the in-depth links and articles.  Good stuff.  And gloriously ironic when you consider that The Teleprompter Jesus supposedly taught Constitutional Law. 

This one does make you wonder which enemies they're tracking, doesn't it??

Yeah.  Turn over all your emails. 

For the remaining few loyalists who still think there's little difference between GWB and BHO....


My online buddy Dan McCall came up with this parody of the NSA logo, and it's a good one. 

AND THEN HE GOT A CEASE AND DESIST LETTER FROM NSA ATTORNEYS!!  The dumbasses don't know that parodies are a legally protected form of speech. 
Amazing.  Truly amazing. 
If you care about liberty, freedom of speech, and privacy, you'll post this thing on Facebook, your website, or print off copies to give out at work.  Lord have mercy, what a bunch of tone-deaf, bureaucratic, statist munchkins. 


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