Sunday, October 20, 2013

We're going to protest against....YOU

The Tarrant County Libertarians have participated in protests against the Federal Reserve, the Porkulus Package, gun restrictions, and anti-gay/lesbian legislation. 

If I get my way, the next protest will be in your yard.  We're going to protest against you.  Yeah, you.  You there, sitting at work, reading this when you know you should be working.  You're the one we're talking about. 

We are so irritated at you that we can't see straight. 

There are tens of millions of teenagers, minorities, and unskilled laborers working in minimum-wage jobs.  All of these good people could be paid more. 

Advocates of minimum wages believe the villains in this situation are companies like KFC or Dunkin' Donuts.  They are wrong.  The enemy is you. 

McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, Domino's and Macy's and several others are acting as a safety-net for these low-skilled workers.  These companies are purchasing the time, labor, and effort of low-skilled workers for much more than you are willing to pay. 

How do I know that you aren't willing to hire low-skilled workers?  Because they're all still working at McDonald's and Burger King!!  And we are pissed about it.  You could start purchasing labor at higher than market prices, but you don't.  And we're not going to take it. 
No Justice, No Peace, Mofo. 

Besides setting up picket lines in your front yard, we're going to picket Fort Worth defense contractor Lockheed Martin.  This morning, there are clerks and stockboys working at Target and Subway sandwich shops who could be getting paid 5 times as much by working as an engineer or project manager, designing and building F-16's for Lockheed. 

But no.  Lockheed isn't going to purchase labor from those people.  Lockheed (and General Dynamics and Apple and Google and Goldman Sachs) leaves that task to Red Lobster and Olive Garden restaurants.  Bastards.   

Costco doesn't pay minimum wage.  Wal-Mart does.  Wal-Mart is willing to purchase the labor that Costco won't. 

Admit it....  If you're on the political left, you think of Costco as good and Wal-Mart as evil, don't you?  We're going to change all that.  Purchasing the labor of unskilled workers isn't someone else's job, it's YOUR job. 

So get ready.  We're coming to your driveway, and we're going to block your car.  We're going to attack you with glitter bombs.  We're going to do some hardcore "shaming".  You know that you could create an industry that would pay every teenage mall-rat a Living Wage of $15 per hour. 

You could be paying more for labor than Pizza Hut does, but you don't.  You greedy, selfish bastard. 

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