Friday, December 20, 2013

The Decline Of The U.S., As Seen In Propaganda Posters

Here's a Civil War-era recruiting poster for an outfit call the Manhattan Rifles. 

Here's a World War One navy recruiting poster. 

Here's something from World War II, featuring boxer Joe Louis. 

Here's what they used during the Korean War to recruit naval aviators. 

They had to get a little more creative during Viet Nam.  After all, they were going into the "Me Decade"....

Here's something from just a few years ago, designed to appeal to the whiz-bang, videogamer technology geek.....

And here's what Barack Obama And Company rolled out to encourage young adult males to talk to their families about Healthcare. 



MingoV said...

I have no problem with the last image: a dorky guy in pajamas promoting a completely screwed up government program.

I dislike all of the previous images for their glorification of battle and war. They are more deceptive than the ObamaCare ad.

Anonymous said...

OMG MingoV....You make me want to claw my eyes out....You simpering weasel!!!! Grow a back bone and get back to earth before you begin your orbit of Venus!!!!
I'm a 58 yo male and I lived through some of the most testicular crunching times due to folks like you. Your attitude doesn't even come naturally; you need to have been brainwashed to think that Onesie boy is a good model for America!!!


The Whited Sepulchre said...

Hey, Mingo does have a point.

However, I think the other issue is obvious.