Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Following in the footsteps of Douglas Mawson. As long as the ice permits.....

You'll never hear this discussed from the LameStream Media. 
There is a ship stuck in ice, somewhere around the south pole. 
It's a research project to study how much ice has disappeared in the last 100 years. 

Here's a comment by someone named "Rich" on the story
If Rich ever comes to Fort Worth TX, his bar tab is on me

Consider this: 74 Global warming scientists and advocates, plus the ships crew, went to Antarctica in an ice-strengthened ship to prove to the world that Antarctic sea ice had disappeared because of manmade global warming (caused by CO2 they claim.)
This was done in celebration of the trip made 100 years ago and to follow in the footsteps of explorer Douglas Mawson. They got stuck in ten foot thick sea ice they claimed melted away from global warming.
A hundred years ago, the entire region, right up to the shore, was completely clear of ice. Explorer Douglas Mawson got within 50 yards of shore in a wooden ship with only a sextant, and was only stopped because of low water. He then traveled 300 miles inland.
Those on board the Academic Shokalskiy with GPS navigation, on-board Internet, radar, and satellite communications only got within miles of shore. Here they waited in their heated ship to be rescued. First a rescue ship gets within 3.7 miles (pictures on the internet) and the trapped scientists frolic and play and send pictures home in the good weather rather than walking the few miles to the rescue ship. That ship can get no closer so it leaves.
Then a second rescue ship tries and gives up.
 Finally a third tries, to no avail again, and now waits for weather suitable for a helicopter evacuation.
Sounds like a good Discovery Channel documentary as to why the globe is getting warmer.

It IS getting warmer.  ALL of the scientists (those who have skins in the game, anyway) say that it's getting warmer.  But the ice is spreading wider and getting thicker. 


MingoV said...

"It's a research project to study how much ice has disappeared in the last 100 years."

Answer: If the entire circumference of Antarctica is surveyed, the answer will be 'essentially none.' But, it's likely that they'll focus on the area of Antarctica that recently had a big increase in iceberg calving. The big increase was caused by a shift in ocean currents, not global warming, but the lying global warmists will twist any evidence to "prove" their theory.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Anyone heard from Cedric/Leon T. lately?

Steve D said...

Satellite evidence suggests that the mass of the south polar ice cap is actually increasing and has been for about twenty years.

The northern polar ice cap; well that’s another story.

The Whited Sepulchre said...


I get an occasional email from Cedric. He's alive, well, and trying to get some businesses started. As long as weather permits, anyway.