Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Predictions for 2014

Let's get into some serious prophecy for 2014

1)  The Obamacare rollout (sic) will be a disaster.  Nobody will know who does and who doesn't have insurance.  The Idiot will continue to finesse the program based on polling. 

2) Unfortunately, the Republican Party will have one hell of an election in November.  They're going to take the senate. 

3) The Dallas Cowboys will not win a playoff game.  Head coach Jason Garrett will be fired. 

4) The Libertarian Party will win some down-ballot races in rural Texas. 

5) I'll get down to about 190 pounds. 

6) Jesus will not return to earth to begin his 10,000 year reign as predicted in the Book Of Revelation. 

7) It'll get colder.  Warmists will panic. 

8) We will have a minimum wage increase.  Minority teen employment rates will continue to fall. 

9) U.S. troops will hit the ground in some new and exciting place.  Not because we're needed, not because it's any of our business, but because that's where the money is for contractors. 

10) Barack will continue to make noise about income inequality.  He will neglect to mention the staggering income differences between the worst neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas, as compared to the best neighborhood in, say, Eritrea.  That's because citizens of Eritrea can't vote in our elections. 

Now that I have all the negativity and cynicism out there, let's hope it's a great year !! 

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MingoV said...

#9: Ain't that the truth. Does anyone remember the six billion dollars in cash stolen from an Army warehouse in Iraq? Not one dollar was recovered. The quietly spoken belief is that one of the contract firms collaborated with people in Washington and some key Army officers to make the heist. Talk about paying contractors!