Monday, February 17, 2014

Latest sign that The Apocalypse is upon us

From a recent conversation with a college graduate.....

Whited Sepulchre: We give out three awards at our Libertarian Party National cCnvention.  There's The Thomas Jefferson award....,

Twenty-five year old: Cool.

Whited Sepulchre: And we give out an award for best communicator of the Libertarian message called The Thomas Paine award....,

Twenty-five year old: (nods head)

Whited Sepulchre: And for service as an activist, we have The Samuel Adams award.

Twenty-five year old college graduate:  (looking genuinely perplexed) Why did they name that one after a beer?



Anonymous said...

Funny, but sad.


Tim said...

To be fair, if someone named a beer after me Sam Adams would be what I's want it to be. (As I go through my third Sam Adams Cream Stout of the night.)

Can you believe that some people drink "beer" that is not Sam Adams or Guinness? Do those people enjoy the taste of piss?

NickM said...

Well, to be fair the US makes worse beer. Coors Light springs to mind. God that is epically tragic piss. It isn't even bad - it's just like whatever. Having said that our own dear Carling is abysmal.