Saturday, October 13, 2007

Big Sister is Everywhere

I found a Chinese/Taiwanese blog this morning that made me stop and reflect that I'm lucky to live where I do.
In China, no matter where you go, the same voice booms through speakers in supermarkets, public squares, retail stores, and nightclubs. This person's image stares at you from storefronts even in the most remote areas. A voice from the past that haunts the nation.
No, I'm not speaking of Chairman Mao. His legacy is less influential.
Karl Marx? Nope. He's as dead as farm collectives.
Chairman Hu? No.
I'm referring to the Chinese obsession with Karen Carpenter. Check out the blog. They play these same songs and videos 24/7/365. There's an A+ Master's Thesis waiting for the sociologist who can explain this...."The Carpenters - The New Voice of Big Brother".

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