Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Location of Tom Tancredo's Head

Further proof here that Tom Tancredo, Republican for President, has his head up his rear end. Click on the Rocky Mountain News link....

Rocky Mountain News: Opinion

How can a Republican get this so deeply and profoundly wrong?

The only time nations trade with each other, the only time states trade with each other, and the only time individuals trade with each other is when each party in the deal has something that the other party wants more. Both sides come away from the deal thinking that they're the winner.
The only time I trade with McDonald's, Central Market, Starbucks, or the guy who drives the Highway 80 Roach Coach is when they have something that I want worse than I want money. Whether it's Big Macs, 600 varieties of cheese, Double Espressos, or Indigestion.

The only time these organizations willingly give me Big Macs, 600 varieties of cheese, Double Espressos, or Indigestion is when they want to own a varying amount of my money. They are free to lower the price if I stop buying. The are free to raise the price if I show no signs of stopping.

Do I need the government to step in and tell me how much I "should" be paying for Big Macs, 600 varieties of cheese, Double Espressos, or Indigestion, if I can find those same items cheaper at Burger King, Big Benny's World O' Cheese, Seattle's Best Coffee, or in a dumpster? Should the government be in the business of preserving the profit margins of McDonald's, Central Market, Starbucks, and Rodrigo the Roach Coach Man?

If an iPhone from China costs $200 and an iPhone manufactured in Vail, Colorado costs $2000, who should be manufacturing Iphones? Whose iPhone will sell? Whose iPhone will be a total waste of resources, assuming all other quality issues are equal? (And if you don't bring up lead paint on Chinese Toys, I won't bring up poison in Tylenol bottles....)

We all wind up with more affordable stuff as a result of allowing everyone produce the things for which they're the lowest cost producer.

Nobody is worried about The Tarrant County, Texas, vs. Sunflower County, Mississippi, trade deficit ! ! ! Nobody is worried about the Texas vs. Louisiana trade deficit ! ! ! No sober person, in my presence anyway, seems to worry about my trade deficit with Starbucks ! ! !

I mean, every morning of my life I go to the Hulen and Camp Bowie Starbucks and give them two dollars and they give me a double espresso, but they never buy a freakin' thing from me ! ! ! Where is the outrage, people? ? ? Should I start making double espressos at home if Starbucks doesn't start using my shipping and logistics services ? ? ? That will show 'em, won't it? But maybe, just maybe, my time in the morning is better spent cussing various freight carriers for not showing up on time, instead of adjusting the grind on an espresso machine.....(Diane with ABF, this is directed at you.)

We in the U.S. are collectively better off with the garment industry in China instead of along the East Coast. Not because the garment industry is bad, but because it's absence is a sign that we are too productive to have something as basic as large-scale garment manufacturing here. China will be better off when the garment industry packs up and moves to India. (They'll fight it when it starts happening.) It will mean that Chinese labor has become so productive that the garment industry can't afford to be there any longer.

Bill Clinton understood this. Bill Clinton gave us the biggest hog-stomping economic expansion in history. Hillary used to understand this. But at least in the primaries, Hillary seems to be in a race with Tancredo, Obama, and The Carolina Ambulance Chaser to see if she can fully insert her head into her fundamental aperture even faster than they. Click here for details, while you can still see her ears.

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