Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Wreck Room, R.I.P.

I guess this means The Wreck Room is dead. Why can the world support 23,000 McDonald's outlets, but this place can't hold onto it's lease? Or am I too old to be getting worked up over this?

Click here for pictures documenting the end of the Wreck Room era, recent bands, and assorted strange stuff. Compliments of Kat Shimamoto, A.K.A. Meezlady, who, if she has to do anything other than take pictures for a living, it's a shame. (But then, we live in a world that can support 23,000 McDonald's but no Wreck Room.) I found her site totally by mistake....hers was the first to start scrolling a few minutes ago on my Google dashboard page. Also shown on Kat's Wreck Room pages - a great band with a cruddy name - Addnerim - guys who seem to always hang out at Zoo Music, just down the road from our place on Camp Bowie. I really am too old to be this interested in all this.....

Here's a brief detour from a previous post about my favorite Wreck Room show.

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kat shimamoto said...

thanks for the kind words!