Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The CNN YouTube Debate part one

Why, oh why, with so many other mentally ill people in our great nation to choose from, why does CNN lead off the debates with Lou Dobbs?
David Brooks has written a column that "Lou Dobbs Is Winning" for the New York Holy Times. He's using that as his soapbox this evening. Ranting against "Faith Based Economics" and "Free Trade".
I bet his suit, shirt, tie, AND American flag lapel pin were made overseas.
And by the way, he neglected to mention that David Brooks was writing from China.

Ok, we have applause. Anderson Cooper is welcoming us.
Jim Greer, chairman of the Florida Republican party, introduces Charlie someone. Greer looks like a lineman frat boy gone to seed.
It's Charlie Crist. He's spouting boilerplate.
Brings out Duncan Hunter.
Ron Paul.
John McCain.
Fred Thompson
Rudy Giuliani, looking properly polygamous.
Mitt Romney. looking monogamous.
Mike Huckabee.
Tom Tancredo, who I hope will be the Dennis Kucinich of these proceedings.

Photo ops are taking place.

Now we're all at the podiums, scribbling our talking points onto our pads.

A video about YouTube. No questions from kids, dogs, snowmen, dead presidents, or Frankenstein.

We're starting with a singing question....McCain is the only one to give a belly laugh. Good tune. This guy will have a hundred imitators at the next debate.

Question for Giuliani about sanctuary cities....will this continue? Rudy denies NYC was a sanctuary city. He let their kids go to school. They could go to hospitals. They could report crimes. Crimes WERE reported, but the illegals didn't get deported when arrested.

Mitt says it was a sanctuary. Rudy sued to keep it that way. Just being there illegally was a crime....(good point, but I hate it.) You should have no bennies if you're here illegally.

Rudy says Mitt has 6 sanctuaries, one was Mitt's freakin' mansion, where they worked ! ! ! That will be widely reported.

Mitt does a throwdown. He didn't employ any....It was a company that did the work, not an individual. Rudy plays the Holier Than Thou card. Mitt was the only one to employ illegals.

Mitt isn't accustomed to being talked to that way. He's ready to fire somebody.

A man shrouded in darkness asks about amnesty....Fred Thompson pledges against amnesty for illegals. He'll have Jack Ryan keep them out, as soon as he get The Red October to the surface. Fred slams Rudy and Mitt.

Rudy says NYC wasn't a sanctuary city. See above. We're gonna hear a lot about that tonight, aren't we?

McCain thinks it's all a sad situation. Borders aren't enforced. 12 million illegals here, we need temporary workers. We've failed at Katrina, Iraq, spending, etc. He says the illegals are God's children, too.

The man in darkness is actually in the audience. Dressed all in black.

Tancredo says everyone is trying to out-Tancredo him.

New question, seasonal workers: I want to know if I'll have a job next year??? Tancredo says he won't allow any illegal immigration. He rejects the idea that there are jobs no American will take. Good luck getting your lettuce picked, Tom.

Hunter: He built the border fence in San Diego, and it does work. He reduced the smuggling of people and drugs.

I'm tired of hearing these guys attack immigrants. All of their ancestors at one time or another were immigrants.

Huckabee gets a question about lower in-state tuition for immigrants, but not for veterans or their kids....(asked beneath a picture of Reagan.)

Huckabee: No such bill for immigrants were passed. It was about who had been in high school for a certain time in Arkansas. He's explaining the situation well. You can tell he's been a preacher, thinking on his feet. I halfway expect him to bring something from I Corinthians to the argument.

Mitt, why did you call Huckabee a liberal on immigration? "Liberals have great reasons for taking tax money...."

My dang phone is ringing....

Huckabee: I worked my way through college.

Phone is still ringing.....

Ok, Ron Paul got a question about the Trilateral Commission and The Masons and Yale Skull and Bones trying to form a North American Union...Does he believe it?

Ron says "Kinda".

Good sane question about national debt....

McCain says we're totally out of control on spending. Too big of an expansion of government. Makes good points about funding S-chip by a higher tax on cigarettes.

Mitt says he would cut pork just like McCain. No outside the box thinking if you have inside the beltway politics. (Someone was paid a lot o' money to write that.)

Rudy would strengthen the dollar. 42% of the federal workforce will retire in the next 10 years. Let's don't replace them ! ! !

A question about limited government. Why are you Republicans writing checks like drunk cowboys? What 3 programs would you eliminate?

Fred Thompson: SS, Medicare, and Medicaid must be reformed. (Not eliminated). Fred has no idea how to answer this question. This chick who asked this ROCKS. Fred is dancing around it. He's talking about NOT eliminating 3 programs.

Ron Paul: Washington didn't change him. Cut dept of education, energy, and homeland security. Then change foreign policy.

Huckabee: IRS. 10 billion a year industry. Revive the fair tax. Revamp Homland security. (He said revamp, not kill).

New question: Uncle Sam asks, do you support the elimination of the income tax, vs higher retail sales tax.

McCain: He doesn't support that, because it would put some people's rate into the 30's (%).
He's tired of Ron Paul's isolationism. (cheers and boos). The troops message is "Let us win". That had a lot to do with tax rates, didn't it? McCain just lost points, in my book.

Ron Paul: Why do I get the most money from active military duty personnel? I'm not an isolationist.

Question: Bush made a commitment that he would opposed any tax increase Congress sent him. Will they do the same?

Tancredo: Yes.

Huckabee: Yes.

Mitt: Yes.

Rudy: Yes.

Thompson: Yes. He don't do pledges to anybody but the Amurricannnn people

McCain: yes.

Ron Paul: yes.

Hunter: you could have an emergency.


Jokes about Iowa....

Mitt: He ties it to "food security". He's full of horse manure. Mormon horse manure. What a crock. We're competing with those who also subsidies. Therefore, shovel more pork to millionaires.

Rudy: It's not a level playing field. Therefore we can't eat cheaply. Rudy, you disappoint me. Let's buy European and bankrupt them.

Rudy, why did you take trips to the Hamptons, and expense it?

He had 24 hour security. There were threats. If you can believe the crap about "food security", you might believe this.

A new video....Tom Tancredo's campaign video. kinda lame.

A question about lead on Chinese toys. What is gmmint gonna do to keep toys safe and keep jobs in America?

Tancredo: He ignores Tylenol poisoning, automobile recalls, etc., and slams China.

Hunter: China is cheating. Buy American.

Time for a commercial - Fred Thompson's....He says Mitt likes abortion, Huckabee wants to raise taxes (when he was fatter).

Thompson, whassup with that? He wanted to give his buds some air time.

Mitt: I was wrong on abortion. I was wrong. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa. (I hope I spelled that correctly. I'm a Protestant...)

Huckabee: I cut 90 taxes. Sales taxes is a penny higher. His voice is hypnotic.

Commercial time. Time to post.

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