Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The CNN YouTube Debate, Part Two

Funny gun control question starts us off:

Hunter: I got a hunting license at age 10...He criticizes the carelessness of the questioner throwing his weapon around. Good point.

New question: Rudy, why do you support written exams for gun owners?

Rudy: You gotta be aggressive. He says stuff about how rough NYC was, and what all he had to do to tame it. It was a reasonable regulation. (some boos) Supreme court will decide this. Rudy says it's a personal right.

Thompson, why do you slam Rudy on this?

Thompson: Rudy gets his picture made with Clinton's cabinet. Fred slams Rudy. Eloquently.

Rudy: It's an individual right. Shouldn't be interfered with.

Question: Tell us about your gun collection. GREAT QUESTION

Fred: I own 'em, and I'm not going to tell you what or where.

McCain: Military only. Carried a 45. Doesn't have any now.

Hunter: Anecdote about Daddy.

Rudy doesn't have any.

Mitt has a couple.

New question: Black on Black crime. What are we going to do?

Mitt: Strong families. Have a dad and a mom and a mom and a mom, like the mormons. Better education. Do a better job with policing.

Rudy: Is Mitt a crime fighter? Statistics are mixed.

Mitt: running a city isn't like running a state.

Abortion question. Journey from Arlington asks about the penalties for abortionists and abortionees.

Ron Paul: It's up to the state and the juries. Let's get the government out of it. Woman shouldn't be charged with a crime. The abortionist should be punished.

Fred Thompson: question has a weird premise. It's all up to the Justices you put on the bench. Penalty should be like it is now. Doctor only, not the woman.

New question: AJ wants to know if Roe V Wade was overturned, would they sign a ban on all abortions?

Rudy: No. Leave it to the states. Roe Vs. Wade took the decision away from the states. There should be parental consent.

Mitt: We should overturn R V W, return it to the states. I would sign the bill.

Question for Huckabee: The death penalty....WWJesus do?

Huck: I did it more than any other governor. Toughest decision he ever made. Irrevocable. He read every word of every case. Some crimes are so heinous, that we have to beyond our capacity to fix. How can you be pro life, and believe in death penalty? Basically, the issues of guilt....

But WWJesus do?

Jesus was too smart to run for public office.

Tancredo: I would pray to him for the wisdome to do the right thing. (He then bows for a word of prayer).

New question: Do you believe every word of this book? The Bible. Joseph Dearing asks it. Joseph of Dallas.

They ask Rudy first, but Huckabee offers to help.....Rudy sees metaphor, allegory, but he doesn't believe every word literally.

Romney: He thinks it's the word of God. A guide for his life. He won't say if he believes every word.

Huckabee: It's what it is. The word of revelation to us from God himself. There's some allegory. But Love your neighbor. Do unto others, etc. Let's work on the simple stuff like that. There's stuff he doesn't understand, and he's not supposed to.

They show Mitt's video: the world is changing. we need the leader who gets the big stuff done. We need Mitt. Mitt basks in the glory.

Let's post part two.

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