Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The CNN YouTube Debate, Part Three

An Alabama muslim asks what we can do for damage control....

Rudy: stay on offense. Muslims, Arabs, etc are good folks. The fundamentalists have defiled a great religion. Don't engage in group blame. But we can't put our head in the sand. You have to come out and say "Islamic Terrorism". We can make the distinction.

McCain: We have to win in Iraq. Rebuild the country. Train the police. Fight the Democrats and their dates for surrender. I'M THE ONE who said the old strategy was failing. I have the military experience. I ROCK.

(I think McCain is winning this debate....)

Hunter: we bring food and medicine. we help everybody. we defend you. I will never apologize for that.

New Question: McCain is against waterboarding. He's been tortured. How can you disagree with him?

Mitt: You can' t describe what techniquest you would use to interrogate someone. Also, keep these terrorists at Gitmo.

McCain: I'm astonished that you don't know what waterboarding is. It's torture. Violation of the Geneva conventions. We ain't going to torture people. Talk to military people.

(I think McCain is winning this debate....)

Mitt: I didn't say I'm in favor of torture. I'm just not going to be specific.

McCain: we would have to advocate that we withdraw from the Geneva Conventions. Life is not "24" and Jack Bauer. This is a defining issue. We should never allow torture to happen in the U.S.

New Question: Who is willing to make a long term commitment to the people of Iraq?

Fred: We should stay as long as we have to. There are people there who want to kill us. etc etc etc

Ron Paul: The best we can do for Iraqis is give them their country back. The surge hasn't worked. Only in the center of the nation has it worked. The edges are chaotic.

McCain: We never lost a battle in Viet Nam. American Public Opinion forced us to lose there. The Iraqi's want to follow us home. We can meet the enemy, though, and defeat them.

Paul: Anecdote about generals....battles were irrelevant. We're occupying the Iraqi's country (many boos).

Tancredo: wishes he could live in Paul's universe....

Question for Rudy: How do you respond that you want to be the 9/11 President?

Rudy: goes into his record with the Reagan justice dept., fighting crime, working with Haiti, U.S. attorney, prosecuted Sicilian Mafia figures. Trots out the George Will quote about Rudy running the most conservative government in the 2000's. He's been tested. 3rd largest government in the country. One of the largest in the world....

New question: Cartoon of Dick Cheney....will you have a Veep like me?

Fred: I thought that was me....(laughs)....VP has a dual role. Should be chosen based on his ability to serve as Prez. etc etc etc.

McCain: Bush came to office in a time of peace, and then found himself at 2001. He had to rely on Cheney. I have experience in military, so I wouldn't have to do that.

Duncan Hunter video: Chuck Yeager likes him, he built a fence, and saved the Veterans memorial.

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