Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well, let's see...There's family: Fran, Mary, Mama, Amy, Darrell, Shelby, Lexie, Jill, Mark, Jake, Henry ALLEN, Steven, Nancy, Baby Dean, Denny, Iona, Scottie, all the remaining Mississippians, and all The Carolina People.
And then there's work: Pat, Cheryl, Greg, Peau, Carl, Mike, Brad, Mikey, Justin, The Two Steves, Fast Eddie, Travis, Curtis, The Daniel/Libby Godley team, Carmen, Fane (who I need to mend some fences with), Don, Adrian, Robert, Vanessa, Tanya, RJ, Andre,and let's go ahead and be grateful for Craig, Danny Ray, Igor, Randy, Ellen, Rick, Andrea, Yesenia, Damon, Bel, all the other office folks, Darin, Ray, Joe, Jim, Randy B., Rita, Gary, Doug, Brent, Tanya, Barbara, DeAnne, Marsha, Vicky, Mr. Chen, Nancy, Wendy, Hubert, and let's throw in the salespeople too.
And I couldn't possibly forget everyone in the Heresy class: the three Davids, Don, Donella, J.C., M.M., Ginny, Rod, Lisa, James, Brenda, Elaine, Elizabeth, Scott, Cinda, Peter, Beth, the incredibly detailed Charles, Darla, Julie, Mark, Stephanie, Bob, Bob, and Glennella.
The wonderful neighbors we have, Amy Don and Cheryl in particular. I couldn't ask to live by a better pair of lesbians.
Couldn't possibly forget the guitarists: Jason, Kirk, Jeff, and let's throw in Tom, who doesn't play but acts like it.
Gotta mention Bob, Rick, All The Starbucks People, Henry E., John T., Tracey with C., and Robert.
Also thanks to the good folks at Samizdata, quite possibly the best site in the world, and therefore one of the best things in the universe. One day I'm going to write something, and they're going to link to it.
Good health. Good job. Good truck. Plenty to do. Barack is gaining on Hillary. My glass is at least half full.
Photo lifted from, who is grateful to be separated from The Psycho B-witch from hell.


troylaplante said...

I didn't leave her, she left me. She was caught for the 4th time having internet and telephone romances over the past 2.5 years. When confronted for the 4th time, she decided she would rather go live with the pervert she was recently talking to. She had mental problems for which I have paid for treatment and counseling for years. She had been forgiven time and again. She had many intimacy issues stemming from abuse as a girl. She played victim and continues to do so 22 years after the abuse. She made my life a living Hell and tried to do so for the others around her. I stuck it out for 13 years, working to be the honorable provider and loyal husband. She finally crossed the line with infidelity, lies, and abandonment, and my life has been so much happier since she left. So yes, for that I am thankful. I have been so very blessed with friends, family, and relationships with people since she has been gone, and my life has been filled with blessings.

JC Baker said...

I am honored to have made your list. We are thankful for friends like you and Fran!