Friday, November 23, 2007

There is no Oral Roberts, Jr. ....His name is Richard Roberts. But thanks for the links to my site

Someone, somewhere, has linked this site to the phrase "Oral Roberts, Jr." There is no such person. But people come in here and wander around anyway, and for that I am grateful.

It's hard to believe that anyone would name a child "Oral". The odds against consecutive generations making the same mistake are massive. Oral's son is named Richard. My previous posts on these two con-artists can be found here and here, should you need any background.

Senator Charles Grassley (Republican of Iowa) is conducting an investigation into Televangelist Ministries. 3 of his 6 targets are on the Board of Regents at Oral Roberts University.

Here's the latest on the sorta related mess at ORU....

TULSA, Okla. -- A former senior accountant for Oral Roberts University claims in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that he was ordered to help school President Richard Roberts and his wife "cook the books" by hiding financial wrongdoing from authorities and the public.

Most of the accusations of financial misdeeds are generic - plane trips for the kids, clothing purchases. But it's never the crime that gets us into trouble, it's the cover-up.

Two students also sued Wednesday in district court. Cornell Cross II and David Brown claim the wrongful termination of the three professors ruined the reputation of their degrees.

As Andrew Sullivan has commented elsewhere, it's not like a degree from Oral Roberts University has much of a reputation to begin with. Yale, Harvard, and The Devry School of Air Conditioning and Refrigerator repair all carry more clout....

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