Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fort Worth Hole In The Wall

This is why I love Fort Worth, the Internet, and being alive in this century.

A local blogger has a site called "Fort Worth Hole In The Wall". All this guy does is review Cowtown restaurants. (I assume it's a guy. Very few women can eat as much as this person.)

Friends and co-workers, save the link to your favorites. Let me know where you want to eat lunch.

Read all the comment fields.

There are lots of eaters in Fort Worth who are passionate about their groceries.

Note to Mr. Hole In The Wall: Please review the Cancun Mexico restaurant in the 7400 block of Camp Bowie. Dollar for dollar, I think it's some of the best in Fort Worth.
And you did a great job of defending La Playa Maya.
The crust on Mama's pizza is too thick, but your description was so dang appetizing I might eat lunch there tomorrow.
I've had burgers at Fred's that were so rare the bun was bloody.

Note to British Libertarian friends: I've only been to England once, and boy was your food bland.


FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Allen, thanks for the review. Are you one of the people that thinks blood on the burger bun is good or bad?

I'm sure my review is woefully inadequate, but I did a review on shrimp poboys in Mississippi and Alabama. But tell me, is it only tourists that eat them?

Thanks for reading

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Sir, Ma'am,

In moderation, I think that blood on the bun is good.

Unfortunately, shrimp poboys are an abomination served almost exclusively to Yankee tourists.

The best Mississippi restaurants are: Doe's Eat Place, in Greenville; Crawdaddy's, in Merigold; John's Homestyle Hot Tamales, in Cleveland; plus wherever my Mama is cooking in Fort Worth.

Let me know if you want to have lunch on west Camp Bowie sometime.