Wednesday, February 27, 2008

People Worth Reading

Sometime before the Iowa Caucuses, I emailed Zebby's Libertarian Blog Place and asked if my typing was adequate for their purposes.
Sometime after the Wisconsin primaries, they declared me worthy. (They'll let anybody in. They're just busy.)

Here are some of the new sites I've found in there:

Adamant, the Russell Seitz blog, has a good post about Hell freezing over. Mr. Seitz also posts on Taki's Top Drawer. And unhhh....look at this one in The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Seitz has firm opinions on the causes of Global Warming, and whether or not Al Gore can do anything about it.

Radley Balko's site, The Agitator, features an article that Radley has wrote for Fox News about recreational drug prohibition.

Cameron Clark at An American Front Porch has a Christian perspective on trying to reconcile God and Science. And Alan Gable from the same site trots out one of my favorite Hobby Horses, the minimum wage, for some well-deserved abuse. Alan's cartoon from this post will be stolen and used here sometime soon.

Russ Nelson at The Angry Economist has something to say about OSHA that many of us in manufacturing have long suspected. Go ahead. PLEASE hit the OSHA link. Please.

The aliens from Area 417 take one of Mike Huckabee's proposals to the logical extreme....

That's just the ones beginning with the letter "A".

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