Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Primary Results

For those of you coming here for early info on Pennsylvania Exit Polls, or Googling the PA Primary, the PA Election Results, or perhaps the Penn Primary, or information on the Pennsylvania Election, facts on the Pennsylvania Primary Election 2008, the Pennsylvania Vote results, the Democratic Primary process, the PA Polls, what happens when the Penn Primary Polls Close, PA Primary Exit Polls, or Pennsylvania Returns....(that should cover it)

Hillary Clinton has won Pennsylvania. Big Deal.

Now, stop obsessing over the percentage. She's not going to gain enough in Pennsylvania to catch Obama in the regular delegate count. She can beat him by 15% in Pennsylvania, and it's not going to make a difference in the regular delegate count.
Regular voters like you don't count in a Democratic primary election that's this close. The wise old men of the Democratic party have put a system in place that will allow party hacks (superdelegates) to overrule you if you try to nominate a black man. This allows the hacks to remain in control, and it allows more money and political favors to change hands.

The war is over. Go back to your farms, your families, and your crops. Turn off your laptops. Turn off CNN and Fox.
A friend of mine sent this bit of brilliant bit of Photoshopping to me today. I think this guy is a Democratic Superdelegate....

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