Saturday, April 26, 2008

Still More People That I Think You'll Like

A couple more British Libertarian sites for your consideration:

Helen and Richard at The EU Referendum have an insanely popular site devoted to the general goofiness associated with the European Union. You can spend days in there, reading Comment Threads, following links, and learning the cast of characters who now make up European government.

It's almost enough to make you grateful for Nancy Pelosi.

My favorite post is one that Dr. (they all have doctorates) Richard did on a missing 900,000 tons of government subsidized Italian tobacco. Ghost tobacco, they're calling it. He asks my usual question....Why in the world do we subsidize the stuff when we spend an equal amount encouraging people not to use the stuff?

We get into a similar embarrasment when we continue paying dead farmers not to farm. Are the dead any worse at not farming? What disqualifies them from participating in the program?

It's called Anarchic Hand Syndrome.

First runner-up goes to this one, about the disastrous consequences of using Food for Fuel in an effort to appear "Greener Than Thou".

Dr. Richard is also co-author of "Scared To Death", a book about Global Warming, Y2K, Bird Flu, Second-hand smoke, and other boogeymen. I've been looking for it for almost a year, but it's only published in England.

Then there's the Nation Of Shopkeepers blog. (Hitler derisively referred to Britain as "a nation of shopkeepers.) Where to begin, where to begin.....

There's this one, where he vents his frustration over the term "relative poverty". I have many of the same frustrations, but have never thought to combine Marxist terminology with old episodes of The Simpsons.


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